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America's No. 3 Killer Is Medical Errors, Says Study

Analysis finds 700 people succumb to them daily

(Newser) - Imagine wiping out the entire population of Orlando, Fla ., each year. That's essentially what medical errors are doing, according to an analysis of four studies on the topic that was published in the BMJ on Tuesday. It finds that about 9.5% of Americans who die each year are... More »

CDC: 200K Americans Die Needlessly Each Year

From heart disease and strokes, finds new study

(Newser) - Quitting smoking, keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels down, and popping the odd aspirin could stop hundreds of thousands of Americans from dying unnecessarily every year. That's according to a new report by the CDC, which says 200,000 heart disease and stroke deaths each year are preventable, the... More »

2 Stories