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Stop Laughing at North Korea

Mockery isn't the right response to this horror: Clive Crook

(Newser) - Many years ago, Clive Crook green-lit an Economist cover featuring what at the time was a rare photo of Kim Jong Il, underneath the headline, "Greetings, earthlings." It was inspired, and "people still mention it to me unprompted as their favorite Economist cover," Crook writes at... More »

Obama's Making His Biggest Mistake Yet

Andrew Sullivan hopes Congress rejects Syria action

(Newser) - Noted Barack Obama superfan Andrew Sullivan thinks that the president's attempt to launch an attack on Syria is "impulsive, foolish, reckless" and "easily his biggest misjudgment since taking office," he writes at the Dish . Yesterday's narrow Foreign Relations Committee vote proved that even if Obama... More »

2 Stories