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US Quietly Earmarks Money for ObamaCare Insurers

It's a safety net to cover any losses; Republicans cry foul

(Newser) - ObamaCare just became a win-win proposition for insurance companies. Tucked into hundreds of pages of new rulings on the Affordable Care Act last week was a promise to pay insurers for any losses they incur by providing coverage on government exchanges, the LA Times reports. The Obama administration inserted the... More »

0: Number Enrolled in Oregon Insurance Exchange

The ObamaCare rollout is not going well in this state

(Newser) - Here's how an Oregon state representative describes the ObamaCare rollout in the Beaver State: "It is such an epic failure, literally it's mind-boggling." Of course, Jason Conger is a Republican, but there's no arguing with the facts: No one has enrolled in the state's... More »

Sorry, Obama, Spin Won't Help Health Site Debacle

President's sales pitch fails to reassure, and might make things worse, say pundits

(Newser) - Barack Obama's speech yesterday defending and apologizing for the ObamaCare rollout has pundits talking—and more or less agreeing unanimously that it was a feeble attempt to save face. Here's what they're saying: More »

ObamaCare Website Undershot Volume by a Mile

It can accommodate 50K at a time, and that's 'weird,' says former HHS official

(Newser) - One salient fact about why the new federal website for ObamaCare has had so much trouble: It was built to handle about 50,000 visitors at a time, a former Health and Human Services tech official tells the Washington Post . Given the intense interest of the rollout, that's just... More »

ObamaCare Launch Plagued With Glitches

Sebelius compared situation to iOS7 launch yesterday

(Newser) - As promised , ObamaCare's health insurance exchanges launched today ... but, also as promised , there were glitches galore. Politico reports that users in multiple states were getting error messages and weren't able to sign up for the exchanges, and the federal website was down entirely around 9:30am. Maryland'... More »

ObamaCare Software Glitching as Launch Nears

It can't reliably tell people how much they have to pay

(Newser) - The health-insurance exchanges that are at the heart of the Affordable Care Act reforms are supposed to go online in less than two weeks, but there's a pretty big problem: They don't work. The software the federal government is planning on using frequently miscalculates how much people need... More »

IBM Shifting Retirees to Health-Insurance Exchange

It's a growing trend among big companies, says Wall Street Journal

(Newser) - As of the first of the new year, IBM retirees will no longer be on the company health plan—IBM is transferring them to a health-insurance exchange, reports Reuters . The company will give the retirees an annual payment, and they'll use it pick their own plan from a privately... More »

7 Stories