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NASA Orbiter Smashes Into Moon (on Purpose)

LADEE ends short mission by disintegrating

(Newser) - A $280 million orbiter crashed into the moon and disintegrated yesterday, and NASA couldn't be happier about it. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer met its end after completing a mission to orbit the moon and observe its atmosphere that began in September, reports the AP . In fact,... More »

Yep, That's a Frog in NASA Rocket Photo

Image from LADEE launch is a little strange

(Newser) - NASA can explain how its Voyager spacecraft managed the incredible feat of leaving the solar system , but this frog is a little more perplexing. A NASA still photo from the recent launch of the LADEE spacecraft has the bizarre sight of an airborne frog in the frame. Universe Today speculates... More »

2 Stories