Pietro Parolin

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With Eye to Poor, Francis Picks 19 New Cardinals

Some surprises among pope's first round

(Newser) - Pope Francis has named his first batch of cardinals, choosing 19 men from Asia, Africa, North and South America and elsewhere, including Haiti and Burkino Faso, to reflect his attention to the poor. Francis made the announcement today as he spoke from his studio window to a crowd in St.... More »

Pope's No. 2: Priest Celibacy Not Set in Stone

Says it's up for discussion, though it is an important tradition

(Newser) - While Pope Francis is off puttering around in a second-hand car , his soon-to-be secretary of state has been doing something even more controversial: talking about priestly celibacy. When he was asked about it by a Venezuelan newspaper, Archbishop Pietro Parolin said the matter was open to discussion. "Celibacy is... More »

2 Stories