Blue Hole

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Planet's Deepest 'Blue Hole' Has Been Found

Scientists announce discovery in South China Sea

(Newser) - "Blue holes" are mystifying to look at, the large, deep pits appearing a shade of blue that's just as deep and in stark contrast to the shallow waters around them. And what we've long considered the planet's deepest—the 663-foot Dean's Blue Hole in the... More »

Divers Finally Get to Explore 'Blue Hole' Mystery Cave

New Mexico site has been sealed for nearly 40 years

(Newser) - The last divers to venture into an underwater cave known as the "Blue Hole" in New Mexico were from the state police in 1976, and they were there to retrieve the bodies of two young divers who died while exploring. Upon exiting, the police divers sealed the opening with... More »

2 Stories