Colorado flooding

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Sickening Scenes Greet Colorado Flood Victims

Homes are destroyed, keepsakes are missing, and mud covers all

(Newser) - Under tight security, hundreds of Lyons evacuees were given two hours to check on their homes yesterday. Those who ventured back into the flood-ravaged town found scenes of stomach-churning destruction, with dozens of homes destroyed, family keepsakes missing, food spoiling, and mud everywhere. "It's just sickening," says... More »

7 Numbers That Show How Nuts Colorado Flood Was

'Christian Science Monitor' calls it a 1K-year flood

(Newser) - To say it's been a wet month in Boulder, Colorado, may just be the understatement of the century—or the millennium. The Christian Science Monitor reports that "the numbers tell a tale of a thousand-year flood," and backs up that statement with some pretty stark figures. Here... More »

Creek Claims 8th Victim in Colo. as Rain Finally Tapers

At least 648 still unaccounted for in Colorado

(Newser) - The Colorado floods have now killed eight people, and at least 648 more are still unaccounted for, NBC News reports. The latest death was an 83-year-old man who was swept three miles downstream when the ground collapsed underneath him in the town of Idaho Springs yesterday afternoon, the Denver Post... More »

1.2K Missing as Colo. Deluge Continues

Helicopters, horses prepare for rescue missions

(Newser) - Officials are pulling out all the stops to help Coloradans escape continuing floods , but "Mother Nature is not cooperating," says an emergency commander. An air rescue is planned for today, and those stranded in Boulder County have been instructed to "flag down the choppers in any way... More »

As Rain Looms, Colo. Tells Residents: Leave Now

Some could face weeks without power, running water

(Newser) - Drenched Colorado is staring down the possibility of four more inches of rain today, having already absorbed 15 inches amid devastating floods, and officials are now telling residents to get out while they can—or face weeks without power and running water. "We're not trying to force anyone... More »

Dozens Missing in Colorado

Police hope they're just of out contact, not injured or worse

(Newser) - By air and by land, the rescue of hundreds of Coloradoans stranded by epic mountain flooding accelerated today as rivers became muddy seas that extended into towns and farms miles from the Rockies. Although the number of confirmed deaths stood at four, authorities feared more bodies could turn up in... More »

6 Stories