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Anti-Shark Fin Soup Campaign Goes Viral in China

Thanks to support from celebs like Yao Ming

(Newser) - Just a few years ago, most Chinese people were oblivious to the environmental problems caused by eating shark fin soup, reports the Washington Post . But thanks to widespread public awareness campaigns, backed by celebrities and business leaders, the country is finally losing its appetite for the dish, and both the... More »

Hong Kong Gov't Will Stop Serving Shark Fin

Bluefin tuna, black moss will also no longer be on menu at official functions

(Newser) - The menus at the Hong Kong's official functions just got a bit more eco-friendly. The government has announced it will stop serving shark fin at its events, and will encourage government-funded bodies to follow suit, the BBC reports. It will also stop serving bluefin tuna—which is endangered—and... More »

2 Stories