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10 US Cities So Fun You Won't Be Able to Stand It

Las Vegas is America's No. 1 recreation spot

(Newser) - Variety is the spice of life—and also one of the metrics WalletHub used to figure out what the most fun cities in America are. The site looked at 150 of the most populated cities in the US, examining nearly 60 gauges that indicate a good time will likely be... More »

To Get the Poor Online, Let Them Have Cat Videos

Tech leaders err with their too-serious ambitions: Manu Joseph

(Newser) - It's great that Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders are pushing to bring Internet access to the Third World, but they need to lighten up a little, writes Manu Joseph in the New York Times . These efforts always have such oh-so-serious goals expressed in the "grave tone of... More »

2 Stories