substance abuse

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ESPN President Resigns, Writes of 'Embarrassment'

John Skipper says he will tend to a substance problem

(Newser) - ESPN President John Skipper resigned Monday to tend to what he frames as a long-running but unspecified substance problem. "I have struggled for many years with a substance addiction. I have decided that the most important thing I can do right now is to take care of my problem,... More »

Sad Reason Why Ex-Inmate's Freedom Lasted Just 103 Days

Dealing with mental illness, addiction in Mass. prisons and in real world stacks deck against certain prisoners

(Newser) - It can be tough for ex-inmates to stay out of trouble when they get out prison, but for those with drug problems or battling mental illness in Massachusetts, the transition is even more of a struggle, per a piece by the Boston Globe's Spotlight team. A Department of Correction... More »

Scientists Flick Switch, Boozy Rats Stop Drinking

Study suggests alcoholism can be conquered in the brain

(Newser) - Rats can hit the bottle too hard, just like humans—and a new study suggests the rodents' alcohol dependence may be reversible, Live Science reports. "We can completely reverse alcohol dependence by targeting a network of neurons," says lead scientist Olivier George in a statement on the study,... More »

Jeb Bush: My Daughter's Drug Abuse Was 'Hell'

Her drug addiction makes fighting substance abuse personal: Bush

(Newser) - Jeb Bush unveiled a nationwide plan to fight substance abuse on Tuesday and took the opportunity to speak about his family's own struggle with drugs. "As a father, I have felt the heartbreak of drug abuse," he writes at Medium . "My daughter Noelle suffered from addiction,... More »

Soon, Dublin Will Help Heroin Users Shoot Up

Gov't wants to treat substance abuse as public health issue, not a criminal one

(Newser) - Starting in 2016 in Dublin, heroin users will be able to head to a new injection center and shoot up "in a safe, secure, passionate environment" without risk of being arrested, Aodhan O'Riordain, Ireland's drug czar, tells AFP . Patrons will need to bring their own drugs and... More »

America's ERs Have a Xanax Problem

Number has of alprazolam-related visits doubled between 2005 and 2011

(Newser) - As if Xanax users didn't have enough to worry about, the number of people visiting the emergency room due to complications related to alprazolam—the generic name for Xanax—has more than doubled in recent years, according to a new report. Alprazolam accounted for 10% of all ER visits... More »

Rob Ford: 'I'm Seeking Professional Help'

But mayor won't admit he has a problem

(Newser) - Rob Ford says he's getting help for his substance abuse—even though he won't admit he has a substance abuse problem. "I'm dealing with it," he told Fox News . "I am in training every day. I'm in the gym for two hours every... More »

Glee Star Headed to Rehab

Cory Monteith will be treated for 'substance addiction'

(Newser) - Cory Monteith, the lead male star of Glee, has checked himself into rehab. His rep confirms to People that the actor "voluntarily admitted himself" to deal with "substance addiction." Monteith, 30, has discussed his struggles in past interviews, and revealed that he was in rehab once before,... More »

Billie Joe Armstrong: Meltdown Was Turning Point

That's when he knew he had to get help, he tells 'Rolling Stone'

(Newser) - For the first time, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is talking about rehab and substance abuse in the wake of his onstage meltdown last year . He'd struggled with alcohol and prescription drugs for years—"I couldn't predict where I was going to end up at the... More »

Green Day Singer in Rehab After Meltdown

Billie Joe Armstrong checks himself in for substance abuse

(Newser) - Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is checking himself into rehab after a rant mentioning Justin Bieber last week in Vegas. Armstrong ended the band's performance at the iHeart Radio Festival after an obscenity-laced tirade, smashing his guitar, then storming off stage . "I'm not effing Justin Bieber,... More »

Military Drinking a 'Public Health Crisis'

New study finds 20% of troops drank heavily in 2008

(Newser) - Substance abuse in the US military has escalated to the point that it is now a "public health crisis," according to a new report. The Defense Department requested the analysis by the Institute of Medicine, which found that:
  • Around 20% of active-duty troops said they drank heavily in
... More »

Daniel Radcliffe: I Was Drunk in Harry Potter Scenes

More dope on boy wizard's battle with whiskey

(Newser) - Everyone's favorite boy wizard has made a startling confession: He sometimes acted in Harry Potter scenes drunk. "I went into work still drunk," Daniel Radcliffe tells Heat magazine. "I can point to many scenes where I'm just gone. Dead behind the eyes." He never... More »

Demi Being Treated for Seizure, Anorexia

Moore also drops Gloria Steinem role in 'Lovelace '

(Newser) - Demi Moore suffered an epileptic seizure Monday night before being rushed to the hospital , Radar reports. She is now being treated for substance abuse, "anorexia, as well as other issues that caused her seizure," a source says. "She has not taken care of her health at all... More »

Demi Moore in Hospital for Substance Abuse: Report

Rep says it's exhaustion, but TMZ differs

(Newser) - TMZ says the newly single Demi Moore was hospitalized for unspecified substance abuse last night and is heading to some kind of rehab facility upon discharge. Paramedics responding to a 911 call brought her in, though a rep for the actress has a different spin on what's going... More »

Blago Seeks Prison Rehab

Ex-gov granted extra month of freedom

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich is seeking to join a substance abuse program in federal prison, but some suspect the disgraced former Illinois governor is trying to shave time off his sentence rather than deal with a genuine drug or alcohol problem. Under federal guidelines, Blagojevich is likely to serve just under 12... More »

Matthew Perry 'Going Away' to Rehab

Actor taking proactive step to continue 'life in recovery'

(Newser) - Actor Matthew Perry has announced plans to "go away" for a month to focus on sobriety and his ongoing battle with substance abuse. Perry hasn't suffered a relapse, but is taking the step as a proactive measure, sources tell TMZ . Perry said in a statement that his time... More »

3-Year-Old Treated for Alcoholism

Unnamed child the youngest on record for alcohol abuse

(Newser) - A 3-year-old child in England has been treated for alcoholism, after apparently receiving alcohol regularly for six months, reports the Telegraph . "It is a truly horrifying case and raises very serious child protection issues," said a spokesman for an alcohol abuse group. The unnamed child is the youngest... More »

Charlie Sheen's Family Seeking Conservatorship

CBS yanks series as actor's benders risk millions in lost revenue

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's worried family will likely seek a court-ordered conservatorship over the way wayward actor to force him into rehab, reports Radar. CBS officials, meanwhile, have yanked Sheen's hit TV program off the air and a permanent shutdown could cost the network millions as Sheen grapples with the effects of... More »

Ozzy: Hard Wired to Party Hard?

He has several intriguing genetic mutations

(Newser) - Was always-crazed heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne biologically destined to party really, really hard? Scientists think it's a possibility after finding several intriguing mutations when mapping the Oz's genes. Several of the variations "we've never seen before," said geneticist Nathaniel Pearson, and they include some that may have... More »

Lohan's Film 'Too Raunchy' for Theaters?

'Perversions' intended to 'disturb'

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan's depiction on film of the degradations suffered by porn star Linda Lovelace won't likely be fit for viewing in any mainstream movie theater, according to a fetish porn blogger who's had a look at the screenplay. The planned film, Inferno, is like a "Lifetime horror film" that... More »

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