Leith, ND

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Man Who Wants All-White Town Victim of ... Racism?

After Craig Leith finds out he's part-black, his house is graffitied

(Newser) - Could white supremacist Craig Cobb have finally gotten a taste of his own medicine? As previously reported, Cobb found himself in jail after setting off on a gun-toting neighborhood patrol of Leith, ND, over the weekend, and the Los Angeles Times reports there is "more to the story."... More »

DNA Test Stuns Man Who Wants All-White Town

Craig Cobb is 14% sub-Saharan African, test reveals

(Newser) - A neo-Nazi who wants to found an all-white enclave in North Dakota has been shown evidence of racial diversity where he least expected it: in his own DNA. Craig Cobb agreed to the test as part of the Trisha Goddard Show's "Race in America" series, but he rejected... More »

ND Town Fights Whites-Only Plan With ... Building Codes

Leith fights Craig Cobb's plans

(Newser) - It's pretty darn crafty: The tiny town of Leith, ND, doesn't want a white supremacist and his friends to take over, so it's using building codes and ordinances in the quest to stop him. The city council last night OKed a moratorium on any new building until... More »

Protesters Fight Whites-Only Plan for N. Dakota Town

As white supremacist says demonstrators 'literally not human to me'

(Newser) - With white supremacists planning a town takeover , hundreds of people headed to Leith, North Dakota, yesterday—even taking buses to get there—to protest. They stood outside a meeting hosted by Jeff Schoep, head of the white supremacist National Socialist Movement, chanting, "No hate in our state!" the... More »

Neo-Nazi Plans to Take Over ND Town

Police watching Craig Cobb, who bought 13 lots in Leith, ND

(Newser) - The tiny town of Leith, North Dakota, with its 19 residents, may soon get a population boost—but most won't be happy with the new neighbors. Infamous white supremacist Craig Cobb—wanted for hate crimes in Canada—has bought up 13 lots and plans to turn the almost-ghost town... More »

5 Stories