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Fox News Head Advised Lying to Feds: Court Docs

Roger Ailes apparently sought to protect Giuliani White House bid

(Newser) - Five years ago, fired HarperCollins boss Judith Regan claimed an executive at Harper’s parent, News Corp, had pushed her to lie to federal investigators—but until now, that executive’s identity remained hidden. Now court affidavits show that it was Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, the New ... More »

Judge Gives Bernard Kerik 4 Years in Jail

Term for former NYPD chief is harsher than prosecutors sought

(Newser) - A federal judge sentenced disgraced NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik to four years in prison today, berating him for trying to exploit 9/11. The sentence was harsher than the 27 to 33 months the prosecutor had recommended in Kerik’s plea bargain, in which he admitted to eight charges, including lying... More »

Kerik Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case

Plea bargain carries suggested sentence of 2-3 years

(Newser) - Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik pleaded guilty today to lying to the White House and said he would also admit to tax crimes. The plea bargain, which applies to an anticipated eight charges, includes the prosecution's suggestion that the sentence be between 27 to 33 months in... More »

Kerik Trial Pushed Back After Leak

No new date set; ex-NYPD commish will remain in jail

(Newser) - Bernard Kerik has more time in jail to look forward to. The former NYPD commissioner’s federal corruption trial was postponed today, with no new date set for jury selection. Kerik’s trial was supposed to begin on Monday, but a delay was widely expected after a judge revoked his... More »

Another NYC Anchor Swears On-Air

Bernie Kerik, once a 'top cop,' gets a more anatomical name

(Newser) - After one anchor's angry F-bomb and another's strange chicken-copulation metaphor, a third New York local newscaster accidentally slipped in some off-color language last night. WABC anchor Bill Ritter referred to Bernie Kerik, ex-head of the NYPD and briefly nominated to run the Homeland Security Department, as "former New York... More »

Judge Jails 'Arrogant' Kerik

Former NYPD chief has his bail revoked for leaking information

(Newser) - Former NYPD chief Bernard Kerik is in jail after an angry federal judge revoked his bail and read him the riot act for leaking information to the media about his bribery case. Judge Stephen Robinson called Kerik "arrogant" and his explanations a "sham" during today's hearing, notes WNBC.... More »

News Corp., Regan Reach Settlement

Axed publisher 'not anti-Semitic,' company says after ugly spat

(Newser) - Judith Regan's acrimonious $100-million wrongful-termination suit against News Corp. came to a close today, with the ex-publisher and media giant reaching an undisclosed settlement. If Gawker's estimates of $20 to $25 million are meaningful, Regan may indeed have outfoxed Fox, which initially offered her $6 million to go quietly. The... More »

Rudy Rooted in Saints, Sinners

His moralist streak, but blind loyalty evident in past, key to future

(Newser) - In search of what moral influences made the Rudy Giuliani we see today, Newsweek explores the pol's past and finds a boy with both cops and crooks in his family. The clash between Rudy's Catholic education and a father who served prison time, the mag writes, might explain his obsession... More »

Axed OJ Book Publisher Sues News Corp. for $100M

Says she was fired for dirt linked to Rudy

(Newser) - Axed publisher Judith Regan has filed a $100 million lawsuit against News Corp., charging the company made her the target of a smear campaign and fired her because she had information damaging to Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign. "The smear campaign was necessary to advance News Corp.'s political agenda,... More »

Kerik Indicted, Pleads Not Guilty

Ex-NYC police chief faces 142 years on fraud, conspiracy charges

(Newser) - Bernard Kerik was indicted today on 16 federal counts, including conspiracy, fraud, and lying to investigtors, and he faces up to $4.7 million in fines and 142 years behind bars. The ex-New York City police commissioner pleaded guilty and later described himself as "disappointed that the government has... More »

Rudy Says He Flubbed on Kerik

NYC's ex-top cop expected to be arraigned tomorrow

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani said today that he made a mistake by not being more rigorous in his background check of Bernard Kerik as reports surfaced that the former top cop of NYC will surrender to authorities tomorrow to face arraignment on corruption and tax-evasion charges. "I made mistakes when I... More »

Rudy's Top Cop to Be Indicted

Giuliani pal and former New York police commissioner faces corruption charges

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors expect to have an indictment by the end of the week against  Giuliani pal Bernard Kerik for accepting illegal gifts when he was New York City corrections chief and police commissioner. The charges include tax evasion, tax fraud and public corruption, the Washington Post reports. The charges are... More »

Former Giuliani Partner Faces Felony Charges

Kerik trial could embarrass the GOP frontrunner

(Newser) - Bernie Kerik is about to embarrass his former pal and partner Rudy Giuliani again. Federal prosecutors say they will charge Kerik with with several felonies in connection with the same problems that sank his nomination for secretary of Homeland Security in 2004. More »

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