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Firstborns Have Higher IQs —but There's a Catch

It's a difference of just one IQ point on average: study

(Newser) - Firstborns, get ready to throw this in your siblings' faces: A massive study of 377,000 high school students—the "biggest in history looking at birth order and personality," author Brent Roberts says—shows those born first tend to have higher IQs and different personality traits compared to... More »

18-Year-Old's Goal: Become Siblings' Guardian

Both parents died in less than 3 years

(Newser) - MacKenzie Jackson's mom died in 2012 at age 39; her dad died last month at 42. And now the North Dakota 18-year-old is putting the future she planned for—cosmetology school—on hold, replacing it with a new goal: to become the legal guardian of her sister Meagan, 16,... More »

4 Siblings Throw a Quadruple Wedding

3 sisters and a brother get hitched together

(Newser) - It's one thing to be crammed into the backseat with your siblings whining about who hit who or whether you might be there yet, but one Utah family translated those formative years of squabbling into the biggest and potentially most stressful day of their lives: As KSL reports, four... More »

Most Likely to Succeed: Firstborn Girls

They lead in both achievement and ambition, study says

(Newser) - Bad news for younger siblings and firstborn boys: Firstborn girls are most likely to end up running the world. In a new study, British researchers found that eldest children tend to be both more ambitious and more successful than younger siblings, and firstborn girls are 13% more likely to aspire... More »

Long-Lost Siblings Meet, Already Knew Each Other

They'd seen each other for years at Walmart

(Newser) - Buddine Bullinger, 56, has worked at the Walmart in Dickinson, ND, for 25 years—and for many of those years she greeted John Maixner as he came in to shop, never suspecting Maixner was her brother. Bullinger and four siblings of various ages were all given up for adoption at... More »

Long-Lost Siblings Find Each Other, 37 Years Later

Both were serving in the Navy, stationed in California

(Newser) - Cindy Murray and Robert Williamson share the same father, but lost touch in the late 1970s, when they moved about 20 miles apart; Williamson was just 6, Murray eight years older, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune . Murray, 51, went on to spend years searching for her little brother and only... More »

Lots of Siblings? Your Divorce Risk May Be Lower

New study finds lower risk of divorce in those with multiple siblings

(Newser) - Don't want your kid to end up divorced? Provide him or her with multiple siblings. A new study suggests that for each additional brother or sister a person has, that person's chances of getting divorced go down by 2%. But don't go too crazy; the effect wears... More »

Sibling Fights Can Take a Toll

Researchers link them to anxiety, depression later

(Newser) - A new study suggests that parents shouldn't ignore frequent arguments between their kids as harmless sibling rivalry. What's more, they should pay attention to what the fights are about, reports USA Today . Researchers found that:
  • Personal space, property: Teens who argued about these things—walking into a sibling'
... More »

Brain Scans of Addicts' Siblings Offer a Clue

They share abnormalities that make them more vulnerable

(Newser) - New hope in the treatment of addiction? A study shows that people hooked on drugs or alcohol have abnormalities in the brain that make them more susceptible. Researchers were able to determine that the abnormalities existed before the addiction set in because they found the same abnormalities in the brains... More »

Fugitive Siblings Caught; Sister Shot

Dougherty clan arrested by Colorado troopers after chase

(Newser) - The Dougherty gang's life on the lam is over. Troopers in Colorado arrested 20-something siblings Ryan, Dylan, and Lee Grace after a high-speed car chase, reports NBC 9 . Police say they shot the sister in the leg after she pointed a gun at them while trying to flee, but... More »

Blind Date Couple Discover They're Siblings

'It was like we had known each our whole lives,' says Sarah Kemp

(Newser) - British builder George Bentley and Edinburgh cleaner Sarah Kemp felt a strange connection when they met on an online dating site and chatted it up over the Internet. But an hour after their very first face-to-face date at a London bar, they discovered why: They were siblings. "To meet... More »

UK's First IVF 'Savior Sibling' Saves 9-Year-Old Girl

Year-old brother provides bone marrow match

(Newser) - A British girl is on the mend from a life-threatening illness after an IVF “savior sibling” provided her with bone marrow, the Guardian reports. With their daughter suffering from a bone marrow-destroying disease, a couple couldn’t find a donor—so they had doctors create six IVF embryos and... More »

Why Your Sibling's So Different

Three theories

(Newser) - You share a set of genes. You grew up in the same place, around the same family. So why aren’t you and your siblings at all alike? Researchers have long puzzled over the question of why brothers and sisters can wind up so different, and NPR tracks down three... More »

Shocked Parents Learn They're Half-Siblings

Irish couple struggles to cope with bombshell

(Newser) - An Irish couple with a young son is reeling after learning that they're half-siblings. "We really hit it off," the man, who asked to be called James, tells the Irish Mail on Sunday about meeting his partner. "After a week it felt like we’d known each... More »

Sibling Ice Dancers Tackle the Tango

'On the ice, we don't think of each other as brother and sister'

(Newser) - Skating the Tango Romantica with your brother or sister may sound like a nauseating concept to many people, but four of the 23 ice-dancing teams at the Vancouver Olympics will be doing just that. It takes a believable amount of sizzle between dancers to win a medal and there's ways... More »

Sorry, Brother, Sisters Are Good for You

Researchers say female siblings encourage communication while brothers clam up

(Newser) - It's not quite "girls rule, boys drool," but it's close. A new study says growing up with a sister turns people into happier and better-balanced adults. University of Ulster researchers studied hundreds of families and found that female siblings encouraged healthy communication and family cohesion, while brothers tended... More »

It's Your Brain's Fault Your Family Drives You Nuts

(Newser) - If you ended your holiday visit home with frayed nerves, blame your brain, not your brother's snoring, Discovery reports. Family members prompt activity in a different part of the brain from friends and strangers, a new study shows. Researchers used MRIs to look at subjects' brains while they viewed photos... More »

Big Brother Is ... Stealing Your Fertility

Having an older bro reduces your odds of having kids, study finds

(Newser) - If you have an older brother, odds are slightly greater you won’t be having kids, especially if you live in pre-industrial Finland. According to a new study, which examined the birth, marriage, and death records of three generations of pre-industrial Finlanders, found that those with older brothers were 5%... More »

Marriage on the Rocks? Maybe It's Your Birth Order

Nuptial bliss could hinge on family tree

(Newser) - Whether a marriage reaches its gold anniversary or ends up in divorce court could depend on the spouses' birth order, reports“There is strong connection between birth order and divorce rates,” says one counselor. “The most successful marriages are those where the oldest sister of... More »

Split Twin Sues Hospital After Fluke Meeting 28 Years Later

Switched babies finally meet up after one's friend spots the twin

(Newser) - An identical twin separated at birth from her sister in a hospital mix-up and reunited by a fluke 28 years later is suing Spanish health authorities, reports the Times of London. The mistake didn't come to light until one of the sisters walked into a shop run by a friend... More »

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