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Susan Sarandon Calls Pope a Nazi

Catholic League boss calls quip 'unparalleled' ignorance

(Newser) - Actress Susan Sarandon is not a huge fan of the pope. In fact, she called Benedict XVI a Nazi—twice—at a British film festival. She mentioned that she sent the pope a copy of the book Dead Man Walking, then clarified that she sent it to the last pope,... More »

Pro-McCain Pastor Apologizes to Catholics

Hagee regrets 'Godless theology' remarks; Catholic League accepts apology

(Newser) - A Texas preacher whose anti-Catholic comments were haunting John McCain's campaign apologized today, and the president of the Catholic League accepted, Politico reports. In an apparent effort to avert a GOP version of the Jeremiah Wright situation, John Hagee wrote a letter about his "deep regret for any comments... More »

Chocolate Christ Show Cancelled

New York gallery pulls sculpture after Catholic outcry

(Newser) - A  nude chocolate Christ, sans loincloth, was pulled from a midtown Manhattan gallery yesterday after torrent of complaints from offended Catholics . Bill Donohue, head of the watchdog Catholic League, which orchestrated the protest, said the sculpture, intended for display during Holy Week,  was "one of the worst assaults... More »

3 Stories