Sunday Assembly

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'Godless' Churches Open Doors

To the tune of 'Man in the Mirror,' in some cases

(Newser) - Apparently, atheists are yearning for their crack at potluck dinners and picnics: There's no church in the traditional sense, and no steeple, but what opened its doors in Rochester, NY, this past Sunday is no less than an atheist church. Dubbed the Sunday Assembly , the group skipped the pastor... More »

US Atheists Can Now Attend a 'Mega-Church'

'Sunday Assemblies' springing up across America

(Newser) - Which of these things is not like the other: Sunday mornings, music, inspirational speakers, atheists? Trick question! They all belong together, reports the AP in a look at the "atheist mega-churches" that are now finding a toehold in the US. The "Sunday Assemblies" have relatively short roots, having... More »

2 Stories