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Hormone-Based Birth Control Linked to a Dark Side Effect

Women on hormonal contraception more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant: study

(Newser) - Anyone who's struggled with mood swings while on hormonal birth control may not be surprised to hear that a new study suggests using such birth control could increase the risk of depression. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen looked at more than a million women ages 15 to 34,... More »

Forget the Pill: Birth Control Gel Is Coming

Just 3mg a day is effective, clinical trials show

(Newser) - Tired of taking a pill every day to prevent pregnancy? Soon you may be able to simply rub a tiny amount of contraceptive gel on your skin instead. Just 3mg daily, applied to arms, legs, shoulders, or abdomen, is a suitable alternative to the pill, according to researchers, who tested... More »

Price of Pill for Students Soars

Rule change eliminates discounts at college health centers

(Newser) - Female students at US colleges may be cutting back on reliable contraceptives because a quirk in a federal law has made birth-control pills up to four times more expensive, health officials warn. A recent change in Medicaid regulations means drug companies no longer offer big discounts to health centers where... More »

Birth Control Prices at US Colleges Skyrocket

Female students may no longer be able to afford the Pill

(Newser) - Many college students may no longer be able to afford birth control come September, thanks to a 2006 bill that discourages drug companies from offering schools deep discounts on contraceptives. The change went into effect this year, but students will feel the crunch only now, as health centers that stocked... More »

4 Stories