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Jimmy Carter: I'll Talk to Kim Jong Un

Former president offers to make trip to North Korea to press for peace, professor says

(Newser) - Jimmy Carter wants "to prevent a second Korean War," and so has offered to meet with Kim Jong Un, per a University of Georgia professor who met with the ex-US president. Park Han-shik spoke of Carter's plans to South Korea's Korea JoongAng Daily amid rising tensions... More »

Obama May Skirt Congress on Global Climate Deal

With Senate a dead end, he plans pact that needs no ratification: NYT

(Newser) - President Obama is employing some "legal and political magic" as one expert puts it so he can create an international climate change agreement without Congress, the New York Times reports. This fancy footwork is in preparation for a 2015 UN climate change summit in Paris. Knowing that he has... More »

US: Russia Violated Key Nuke Treaty

Tests violated 1987 pact, administration says

(Newser) - US-Russian relations just slid a lot further downhill: The US says Russia has violated a 1987 arms control treaty that helped end the Cold War, the New York Times reports. The formal accusation of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty—also known as the INF Treaty—comes after years of... More »

Iran, N. Korea, Syria Block UN Arms Trade Treaty

Other countries to keep pushing for pact

(Newser) - Iran, North Korea, and Syria blocked adoption of a UN treaty that would regulate the multibillion-dollar international arms trade for the first time, saying it fails to ban sales to terrorists, but other countries refused to let the treaty die. The treaty's adoption required agreement by all 193 UN... More »

US Agrees to Afghan Aid for 10 More Years

Sides agree on broad outlines of future relationship

(Newser) - The US and Afghanistan have at last agreed on the broad contours of a strategic partnership agreement outlining their relationship after US troops leave in 2014. In it, the US pledges to continue providing support for the Afghan government for another ten years, the New York Times reports. The exact... More »

Brits Refuse to Back New Europe Pact

But 23 nations agree to austerity measures in new accord

(Newser) - After strenuous negotiations, 23 of the 27 nations of Europe agreed to government spending and borrowing caps to be outlined in a new pact—but a unified treaty was blocked by Britain. Negotiations broke down largely over London's demands for future protection from financial regulations forged by France and... More »

Iran's Alleged Assassination Plot Violated UN Treaty

US or Saudis could seek Security Council action

(Newser) - If Iran did indeed plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US, it would be a violation of a treaty it signed in 1978 forbidding “Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons,” which could escalate the incident to a UN matter, Reuters reports. “This is one of... More »

Pakistan Has More Than 100 Nukes: Experts

Doubled arsenal surpasses India's

(Newser) - Pakistan likely has more than 100 deployed nuclear weapons, or twice what it had just a few years ago, analysts tell the Washington Post . The country has sped up its uranium and plutonium production, and devised new delivery systems for it, pushing its nuclear capabilities ahead of India’s. That's... More »

Kissinger, Powell, et Al.: Ratify New START

Kissinger, Powell, Baker call on Senate for 'essential' vote

(Newser) - The New START treaty got some serious firepower behind it this morning, with the past five Republican secretaries of state writing a Washington Post op-ed in its support. "Although each of us had initial questions about New START," write Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker III, Lawrence Eagleburger... More »

Obama, Medvedev Sign Off on Nuclear Treaty

Move a step toward repairing US-Russian relations

(Newser) - President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev agreed today to sharp cuts in the nuclear arsenals of both nations in the most comprehensive arms control treaty in two decades. "We have turned words into action," Obama declared. He said the pact, to be signed April 8 in Prague,... More »

US, Russia Reach Deal on Cutting Nukes

Obama, Medvedev to sign treaty in 2 weeks in Prague

(Newser) - The US and Russia will drastically reduce their nuclear arsenals under a historic treaty to be signed next month. After long and trying negotiations, President Obama and Russian President Medvedev are to sign the treaty in two weeks in Prague, once final technical details are worked out. The accord is... More »

US, Russia Reportedly Agree to Nuclear Arms Treaty

Deal will be finalized in upcoming meeting between Obama, Medvedev

(Newser) - The United States and Russia have reached an agreement on "all documents" necessary to sign a new nuclear arms treaty, a senior Kremlin official said today, and the White House said the two nations are "very close" to signing it. President Obama spent an hour today in the... More »

Coal Harms the Planet —and Owns the Senate

Blame industry as well as ideology if US shirks Copenhagen

(Newser) - As the world turns to Copenhagen this December, the US, which never ratified the Kyoto Protocol, may once again fail to sign up to save the world from serious climate change. Ideology plays a part, Jeffrey Sachs notes, as many Republican senators are "intent on derailing any Obama initiative.... More »

US Puts UAE on Fast Track to Nuclear Power

Abu Dhabi could have electricity program by 2017

(Newser) - An Arab state may be on the fast track to developing nuclear power—with the help of the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. American experts have been jetting to Abu Dhabi in recent few months to support the UAE’s nuclear aspirations, which could be speedily realized by 2017... More »

Clinton Predicts Russia Arms Treaty

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton, declaring a fresh start for relations with Russia, has predicted that the two nations would complete a new arms reduction treaty by year-end and find common ground on other major issues as well, the AP reports. Upbeat and often smiling, both Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov... More »

Hopes High in Climate Fight as Obama Takes Lead

US to take major role in new environmental treaty

(Newser) - The Kyoto Protocol signed more than a decade ago faced roadblocks to achieving its environmental goals—but with President Obama pushing hard on climate change, new international agreements could be much stronger, the New York Times reports. Obama has placed the US “at the forefront of the international climate... More »

Kerry Replaces Biden on Foreign Relations Committee

Nuclear nonproliferation among agenda items as Mass. Dem takes over from Biden

(Newser) - John Kerry will be the next chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Boston Globe reports, replacing Joe Biden when he assumes the vice presidency in January. Kerry plans to use his new post to ramp up anti-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to curb the spread of... More »

Poland Agrees to Host US Missile System

Russia opposes controversial defense shield

(Newser) - Poland and the US signed a preliminary agreement to install US interceptor missiles on Polish soil today, the Telegraph reports. The move is widely seen as a response to Russian aggression in Georgia, a notion buttressed by the Polish prime minister. “The events in the Caucasus show clearly that... More »

Iraq Minister Demands Exit Timetable

Foreign minister Rubaie won't accept a US security deal without one

(Newser) - Iraq won’t accept any security deal that doesn’t include strict guidelines for a US withdrawal, National Security Adviser Mouwaffak al-Rubaie said today. The US waved off similar statements from Nouri al-Maliki yesterday, saying they didn’t believe the Iraqi PM really wanted a timetable, but Rubaie’s comments... More »

Timetable Needed to End 'Foreign Presence' in Iraq: PM

'Specific time' for withdrawal must be part of new security deal, Maliki says

(Newser) - Iraq is ready to be rid of US troops, its prime minister said today, and he wants a timetable. “We are looking at the necessity of terminating the foreign presence on Iraqi lands and restoring full sovereignty,” Nouri al-Maliki told Arab diplomats, saying the “memorandum of understanding”... More »

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