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Artists' Feud Over 'Blackest Black' Escalates

The guy hoarding it somehow got his hands on 'pinkest pink'

(Newser) - Ever since British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor was granted exclusive rights to the color "Vantablack," the world's blackest black that was developed by tech firm Nanosystems and can absorb more than 99% of light, other artists have been up in arms. One paint fight actually broke out between... More »

9.5 in 10 American Prosecutors Are White

60% of states have zero black prosecutors

(Newser) - White men make up just 31% of the US population , but they enjoy a much higher percentage among elected prosecutors' ranks: 79%, while whites in general comprise a staggering 95% of all elected prosecutors nationwide, reports the New York Times . An analysis by the Women Donors Network parsed the database... More »

Army Nixes Word 'Negro' in Policy Document

Word dropped as personnel description

(Newser) - The word "Negro" has lingered in a US Army policy document for some time, but an Army statement released yesterday said it has now been officially removed, the AP reports. The word was recently discovered as a descriptor for "black" or "African-American" troops in a revised section... More »

Scientists Create 'Super Black' That Our Eye Can't See

Nanotubes absorb 99.96% of light

(Newser) - Imagine an object so black that you could stare right at it and see nothing at all. That object can now exist, thanks to a British nanotechnology company. Surrey Nanosystems has created a new "super black" coating that absorbs 99.96% of light, which is to say, all light... More »

Mississippi City Stands Behind Black Couple

Charles, Te'Andrea Wilson were barred from church wedding

(Newser) - News that a black couple was not allowed to marry in one of its churches has brought the Mississippi city of Crystal Springs together. Community members, officials, and church leaders—including the pastor who married Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson—gathered in a park yesterday to pray, and to make... More »

Income Gap Widening Between Blacks, Whites

And that's particularly true in cities as blacks migrate

(Newser) - The income gap between black people and white people is growing, a divide that's most stark in cities, which affluent blacks are fleeing for the suburbs, according to new census data. The average white person earned 1.7 times more than the average black person last year, the widest... More »

'Blacker Than Black' Is the New Black

New material could make equipment invisible to radar

(Newser) - It's intended for military use, but it may also interest fashionistas: Scientists claim to have engineered a new "blacker than black" color that absorbs far more light than any previously known shade of black. The new ultrablack metamaterial—a type of material made of components smaller than the wavelengths... More »

2010: The Year of the Black Republicans?

GOP has most black candidates since reconstruction

(Newser) - Black candidates are suddenly coming out of the woodwork for Republicans; there are at least 32 running for Congress this year, which hasn't happened since Reconstruction, according to the New York Times . Of course, the party only believes five of them actually have a prayer of winning, and most face... More »

Recipe Calls for 'Freshly Ground Black People'

Penguin reprinting 7K cookbooks over 'silly mistake'

(Newser) - Some 7,000 copies of an Australian cookbook are being reprinted after readers discovered a recipe calling for "freshly ground black people." Books already on the shelves will not be recalled. Penguin Group Australia spokesman Bob Sessions said he found the misprint "quite forgivable" because "proofreading... More »

French Vogue 'Black Face' Sparks Row

October edition triggers debate on racism

(Newser) - A Dutch model painted black from face to toe in French Vogue has triggered angry charges of racism. The photos of model Lara Stone, taken by US photographer Steven Klein, are part of the magazine's October issue honoring models and photo shoots through history. What French Vogue and the photographer... More »

White Philly Cop Busted Down to Desk for Cornrows

Hair didn't look 'professional,' though several black officers wear cornrows

(Newser) - A white Philadelphia police officer with cornrows was ordered by a black superior to cut his hair and was temporarily busted down to desk duty because of the braids, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. Thomas Strain was ordered to cut his hair to look more "professional," even though... More »

With Race in Play, Obama's White Support Softens

Poll numbers plummeted amid Sotomayor, Gates controversies

(Newser) - President Obama’s downward opinion-poll trajectory among whites seems to be linked to the “blackening” of his image, writes Joan Walsh in Salon. It accelerated during two racially charged moments this summer: Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court, marked with debate over her “wise Latina” comment,... More »

How the Little Black Dress Got to Be Black, and Little

Coco Chanel didn't create, just popularized

(Newser) - The ubiquitous little black dress can be the foundation of a recession-friendly wardrobe. But Coco Chanel—widely credited with inventing the LBD—actually just brought it from strict and severe to chic and sophisticated. Double X explores the history of this staple in women’s closets:
  • Centuries ago, black was
... More »

High Court Pick's Gender, Race Not an Issue: Poll

Proportion wanting female appointee shrinks from 2005

(Newser) - Americans don’t feel strongly that the next Supreme Court appointee should be a woman, Hispanic, or black, Gallup Poll results suggest: most say it’s a non-issue. Some 64% say it “doesn’t matter” whether the appointee is a woman; 68% say it doesn’t matter whether he... More »

Brits Bellow Over 'Racist' White Bull Ad

(Newser) - A British milk ad showing an angry black-spotted bull "purifying" himself white is racist, consumers are bellowing—charges a UK advertising council has labeled bull. "Viewers were likely to understand that the black-and-white bulls were intended as a metaphor for milk and were unlikely to interpret the purification... More »

Blacks Still Unequal in US: Report

African-Americans remain less employed, more often imprisoned than whites

(Newser) - Though a black family occupies the White House, inequality between African-Americans and whites persists in the US, a study by the Urban League says. Blacks are twice as likely to be jobless, three times more likely to be poor, six times more likely to have spent time in prison. A... More »

Couple Buys Black-Owned Only in 'Ebony Experiment'

(Newser) - A Chicago family is trying to use its household spending to invest in the black community by buying exclusively from black-owned businesses for 1 year, the Tribune reports. The Andersons’ ambitious “Ebony Experiment” has them driving 14 miles for groceries (and farther for other stuff) and has earned hate... More »

From Hair to Eternity: Michelle's Black 'Do Puzzle

Letting hair go 'natural' could be first lady's most political move

(Newser) - With fashion mags touting makeovers monthly, will Michelle Obama change her signature look? The first lady’s straight locks are “already starting to look locked in, like armor,” Erin Aubry Kaplan writes for Salon, but a new ‘do is a risky endeavor for a black woman: “... More »

Well Played, Blago

'Skin pigment trumps ideas' among Dems: Kass

(Newser) - Roland Burris says this is his media moment, but Illinois' "circus of the politically bizarre" still belongs to Rod Blagojevich, John Kass writes in the Chicago Tribune. No hapless jester, the brazenly calculated governor has dumped Democrats back into the racial politics Obama was supposed to transcend. More »

Fellow Black Woman Hails Michelle's Butt

Obama's 'statuesque' figure celebrates a long 'vilified' feature

(Newser) - Among the top qualities Michelle Obama brings to the White House is a “class-A boo-tay,” Erin Aubry Kaplan writes in Salon, hailing an era in which black women (like herself) no longer have to cover up their, er, assets. Too occupied with her words during the campaign, Kaplan... More »

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