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2nd Facility Turns Down Brain-Dead Teen at 11th Hour

Children's Hospital Oakland confirms it will unplug her at 5pm

(Newser) - The clock is ticking for Jahi McMath, with Children's Hospital Oakland yesterday confirming it will shut off her ventilator at 5pm today unless ordered otherwise, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Her family continues to scramble to find a facility willing to take the brain-dead 13-year-old, after yesterday learning that... More »

Tonsil Surgery-Gone-Wrong Not Hospital's First

Rebecca Jimenez left severely brain damaged after similar surgery in 2011

(Newser) - It turns out Jahi McMath isn't the first case of a tonsillectomy-gone-wrong at Children's Hospital Oakland. Two years ago, Rebecca Jimenez, then 8, went in for a similar tonsil surgery to treat her sleep apnea; now she can't walk or speak because of the severe brain damage... More »

Hospital Balks at Surgery for Brain-Dead Teen

Says it is not an 'appropriate' to operate on 'body of a deceased person'

(Newser) - Jahi McMath's family has decided to indeed move her out of Children's Hospital Oakland and into an unnamed Bay Area nursing home, with her uncle saying "it looks like we may have found a miracle to keep Jahi alive and to give her another fighting chance to... More »

Judge: Life Support Can End for Brain-Dead Girl

But Jahi McMath's family has til Dec. 30 to appeal

(Newser) - A California judge has joined with doctors in declaring 13-year-old Jahi McMath legally brain dead in a tonsillectomy gone horrifically wrong , and ordered that she be taken off life support. The main takeaway from today's ruling, as per the AP : Jahi's family has until 5pm on Monday to... More »

Family: Hospital Pushing Us to Unplug 13-Year-Old

Jahi McMath's family's lawyer in court today

(Newser) - The lawyer for the family of a girl declared brain-dead after a routine tonsil surgery is heading to court today in an attempt to keep Jahi McMath on life-support. The Oakland Children's Hospital has been pressuring family members to take the 13-year-old off her ventilator—and "quickly"—... More »

Girl, 13, Brain-Dead After Routine Tonsil Surgery

Jahi McMath's family wants answers

(Newser) - Before Jahi McMath went in for surgery to have her tonsils removed, the 13-year-old's mother assured the nervous girl everything would be OK. "I told her this surgery is to make you better," says mom Nailah Winkfield. But now Jahi is on life support even as her... More »

6 Stories