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Advertisers Go for the Nose

It's not just perfume in magazines anymore

(Newser) - If you think scented advertising begins and ends with old-school scratch-and-sniff ads, brace yourself, and your nose, for a coming assault. It's sort of a double-whammy in the advertising world, Salon reports: Marketers are learning more every day about how smells hold sway over our emotions, and chemists can synthesize... More »

Top 10 Tech Toys That Flopped

New technologies that were ballyhooed, but didn't live up to their hype

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  1. CueCat: A cat-shaped device that would scan magazine barcodes and send you to corresponding websites. No one bit.
  2. DigiScent's iSmell: Sending scents across the internet turned out to be a stinky idea.
  3. DIVX: A special system to play DVDs that destruct after one viewing. Obviously a keeper.
  4. E-books: If
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2 Stories