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5 Most, Least Charitable States

Utah is first, Hawaii dead last in WalletHub ranking of most giving states

(Newser) - Americans celebrated #GivingTuesday the day after Cyber Monday (and several days of other discounted holiday shopping ), reminding us to keep in mind those in need. That effort can come in the form of both money and time spent volunteering, both of which WalletHub tracked to see which US states... More »

Woman Jailed 7 Weeks Over 'Outrageous' 22-Year-Old Error

Chicago's Latasha Eatman missed her son's 6th birthday, Thanksgiving for 'incomplete' community service

(Newser) - Latasha Eatman missed Thanksgiving and her son's sixth birthday this year as she sat in jail for seven weeks—all because of what the Cook County Sheriff's Office is calling an "outrageous" error on the books for 22 years, CBS News and CBS Chicago report. On Oct.... More »

Parents Warned: Lindsay's Coming to NYC School

Lohan doing community service at Brooklyn nursery school

(Newser) - What's worse: finding a note sent home with your kid indicating that his nursery school has been infested with lice, or a note informing you that Lindsay Lohan will soon be performing community service there? Parents in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood are dealing with the latter after being... More »

Bieber Pays Big in Egging Incident

Well, 'big' by normal-people standards; he has to pay $81K in damages

(Newser) - Let this be a lesson to any kid thinking of egging his neighbor: Justin Bieber has been ordered to pay $80,900 and will serve two years of probation after he pelted a home with eggs in his Calabasas neighborhood in January. The pop star pleaded no contest to a... More »

Berlusconi Reports for Duty at Hospice

Former Italian PM begins community service with Alzheimer's patients

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi headed to a hospice today ... to begin his community service for tax fraud . The former Italian prime minister was initially handed a four-year jail sentence, but it was dropped to a one-year term—now to be spent working one day a week with Alzheimer's patients. Berlusconi, who... More »

Judge Slams Chris Brown With 1K Hours of Community Service

But singer doesn't get his probation revoked

(Newser) - He avoided jail, but Chris Brown didn't exactly get off scot-free: A judge in LA ordered him yesterday to complete 1,000 hours of community service, reports E! Online . And this time it has to be in California, not his home state of Virginia. Brown nearly had his probation... More »

Police Chief Tied to Chris Brown Scandal Quits

Richmond's Bryan Norwood had received bad press over Brown debacle

(Newser) - Well, this doesn't bode well for Chris Brown: Richmond's chief of police has stepped down, days after prosecutors accused Brown of faking some of his community service hours —possibly with the help of Virginia police. No official word why Bryan T. Norwood resigned, but sources tell the... More »

Chris Brown Faked His Community Service: DA

During one 'shift,' he was really in Cancun?

(Newser) - We know Chris Brown completed some community service after he was convicted of assaulting Rihanna, because we've all seen the photos of him in his reflective orange gear . But it turns out that during some of the times he was supposedly engaged in community service in his native Virginia,... More »

LiLo Skips Community Service Again?

Doesn't show up at morgue on time as ordered by judge

(Newser) - Apparently being led out of court in handcuffs and thrown back, albeit briefly, in jail was still not enough to teach Lindsay Lohan how to actually show up for her court-ordered community service. Lohan, who was ordered by the judge yesterday to perform community service at the county morgue until... More »

Judge May Order Lohan Back to Slammer Today

Prosecutors want her behind bars for blowing off community service

(Newser) - Prosecutors are out to put Lindsay Lohan back behind bars after she blew off her community service . Lohan has never shown up at an LA coroner's office, where she was supposed to work 120 hours, and rarely appeared at a women's shelter, where she was required to put... More »

LiLo Washes Out of Community Service

Lindsay's been ducking the rules: TMZ

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan is screwing up again. She's been bounced from her court-ordered community service assignment for failing to follow rules, reports TMZ . She was ordered to serve 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles as probation in her shoplifting case. Lohan was supposed to show... More »

Obama: Here's How to Honor 9/11 Victims

Mark the 10th anniversary by doing community service

(Newser) - In his weekly radio address, Barack Obama tackled the topic of Sept. 11 by urging Americans to mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks by volunteering. The attacks "brought out the best in the American people," he explained, noting that regardless of where you live, "every American... More »

LiLo Begins House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan will serve sentence of roughly 35 days

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan arrived bright and early at LA's Lynwood Jail today to surrender for a house arrest sentence related to the theft of a necklace , according to TMZ . The 24-year-old actress will be cooped up in her townhouse for roughly 35 days with the electronic ankle bracelet she was... More »

LiLo: Not Dead Yet, but Going to Morgue

Lohan sentenced to janitorial work at LA County Morgue

(Newser) - Community service is never glamorous, but for Lindsay Lohan, paying her debt to society is going to be especially gruesome: The actress will be doing part of her community service—120 hours, to be exact—at the LA County Department of Coroner, reports People. "She won't be handling... More »

Does Celeb Community Service Help Anyone?

Caroline Giuliani is the latest to get it

(Newser) - Caroline Giuliani is the latest in a long line of celebrities and semi-celebrities to be sentenced to community service (in Giuliani’s case, a whopping one day for shoplifting ). But does community service do any good? Yes, writes Constance Casey on Slate , explaining that community service is a popular... More »

Charlie Sheen Dodges Jail for Aspen Theater

Actor will likely get work release program

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen is nothing if not slick: TMZ reports that the troublemaking actor has parlayed 30 days in jail over a Christmas Day assault on his wife into work release in an Aspen theater, something most of us would consider more of a vacation than punishment. Sheen "will coach... More »

Michelle Obama to GWU Grads: 'Keep Giving'

First lady urges new alumni to stay involved

(Newser) - When Michelle Obama agreed to be George Washington University's commencement speaker, she challenged the school's 5,000 seniors to do 100,000 hours of community service. They completed 163,980 hours, reports the Washington Post , spurring the first lady to joke at today's ceremony that if she had known they... More »

Gilbert Arenas Won't Do Time on Gun Charge

Wizards guard draws 2 years' probation, 400 hours of community service

(Newser) - Gilbert Arenas was sentenced to 18 months in jail today, but the judge immediately suspended the sentence and ordered the Washington Wizards guard to spend 2 years on probation and perform 400 hours of community service. Arenas, who pleaded guilty to bringing guns into the Wizards' locker room in a... More »

First Lady to Give 3 Commencement Addresses

One will have to fulfill a community service pledge

(Newser) - Michelle Obama plans to give three commencement speeches this spring. The first lady will address the graduating classes of the University of Arkansas and the Anacostia Senior High School in Washington. She'll also speak at the graduation ceremony at George Washington University—assuming the students and faculty meet her challenge... More »

Beck Moves Obama From 'Hitler' to 'Mao'

Hollywood in cahoots with the prez to force us to volunteer

(Newser) - Apparently, Hollywood’s dumb-named “iParticipate” campaign is the worst thing since the Great Leap Forward. Sixty network shows will work volunteerism and community service into the plot this week, and in Glenn Beck’s mind, this, coupled with Obama's own push for volunteerism, is the stuff conspiracies are made... More »

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