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5 Worst Office Habits

If you want to please your co-workers, stop complaining

(Newser) - LinkedIn asked more than 17,000 professionals around the globe to name their biggest workplace pet peeve—and, surprisingly, the top spot went to something a bit more serious than leaving your smelly food in the office fridge. The top five:
  1. Those who don’t take ownership of their
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Science Nails Most Irritating Sound: Whining

It's more distracting than a baby crying or even a table saw

(Newser) - If the sound of a child whining makes you want to claw out your own eardrums, don’t worry: Science backs you up. A new study shows whining is, in fact, the most annoying sound to adults—even worse than a baby crying, a table saw, and “motherese” baby... More »

Top 10 Most Irritating Songs of All Time

Remember the Macarena? British listeners found nine tunes even more jarring

(Newser) -
  1. James Blunt, You're Beautiful: The smarmy, cloying falsetto that made 2005 suck
  2. Axel F, Crazy Frog: A German pastiche of club remixes that was less than the sum of its parts
  3. Hanson, Mmm Bop: The least annoying #1 hit by androgynous blonde teenagers
  4. Mr Blobby, Mr Blobby: Do you
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3 Stories