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Kids TP Home, Which Leads to It ... Burning Down

Cheryl Crausewell tried to burn some lingering bits out of a tree

(Newser) - Toilet-papering a house is just a harmless teen prank, right? For one family in Dora, Ala., not so much. The first part of the story is fairly rote: Neighborhood kids TP Cheryl Crausewell's house of a dozen years over the weekend, doing a number on her yard and magnolia... More »

Teen Shot by Neighbor While TPing Principal's Yard

Dale Bryant Farris now facing charges

(Newser) - A bunch of Tennessee teenagers were busily TPing their principal's house when a 15-year-old boy among them got shot—and it wasn't even the principal who pulled the trigger. Police say a neighbor, 65-year-old Dale Bryant Farris, fired at least two shots from his 20-gauge shotgun during the... More »

How to TP a House

It all starts with double-rolls

(Newser) - Wired wants you to know it doesn't condone toilet-papering anyone's house or yard tonight. But just in case:
  • Quality counts: Forget the cheap stuff. Only double-rolls will get the job done. Unpackage the rolls ahead of time and put them in bags.
  • Throwing: Before doing so, unravel about three
... More »

3 Stories