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7 Best Lines From Yoko Ono's Awesome Us List

Admit it, you always wondered whether she liked the Dougie or krumping better

(Newser) - Jezebel is calling it "the Best-Ever Us Weekly '25 Things.'" The Frisky calls it "f---ing perfect." Vulture calls it "the Most Yoko Ono Listicle Ever." Yes, Yoko Ono's contribution to Us Weekly's recurring feature, "25 Things You Don'... More »

Reporter Fired After Twitter Spat With Chrissy Teigen

'Now that I have some free time on my hands, maybe she wants to hire me'

(Newser) - Chrissy Teigen recently did an interview with Us, and for the headline, the celebrity weekly went with , "Chrissy Teigen: We’re Hiring a Night Nurse for Baby." The pregnant supermodel wasn't happy, tweeting Saturday , "so I am nice enough to choose to stop and talk to... More »

Obama's Next Softball Interview: Us Weekly

Romney turned down opportunity

(Newser) - President Obama hasn't done a full press conference in a while, notes Politico , but he's now taking not-so-hard-hitting questions from readers of a gossip mag. Us Weekly is soliciting readers' questions to be answered in an issue arriving on newsstands Friday, Oct. 26. Obama will take queries "... More »

Why Do Twits Grace Women's Mags?

Women's mag covers have gone from models to celebs to Kate Gosselin

(Newser) - Aymar Jean Christian is fed up with the faces that appear on the covers of women’s magazines. Once upon a time, the women there were simply pretty. “Then sometime in the late 1980s and early 1990s, celebrity became more important than beauty.” And that was great, because... More »

It's Us, Not US, That Will Crush Jon and Kate

Couple didn't set out to exploit kids, actually made for decent TV

(Newser) - The Gosselin brood is kind of like the family of Russia's Czar Nicholas II. So who is the Rasputin scheming to tear down this public family? Don't just assume it's US Weekly, or TLC, or the alleged Other Woman, writes Foster Kamer for Gawker. The real force working against the... More »

Reporter Dropped Dime on Locklear, Pocketed $25K

Former US Weekly magazine editor banks on bad driving with TMZ

(Newser) - A former magazine editor collected $27,500 from a gossip internet site after making the 911 phone call that led to Heather Locklear's DUI bust, reports ABC News. Jill Ishkanian, a one-time editor at Us Weekly magazine, called the cops after spotting Lockyear in the parking lot of a California... More »

Michelle, Barack Cover a Major Success for Us

Wannabe first lady's image catapults mag sales—sans interview

(Newser) - Featuring Michelle Obama and hubby on the cover of Us Weekly paid off big time for the gossip mag, MSNBC reports. Early sales figures have already far outpaced recent covers sporting Jessica Simpson and Heidi Montag—the mag's usual celebrity fare. The circulation bump is a boon for the flagging... More »

Paris Blackout Sweeps Mag

Heiress fatigue sets in at Us Weekly

(Newser) - It may be spring time for Paris but one of the nation's top pop culture rags won't be participating in the media frenzy. Just as the scofflaw celebutante ends her well-publicized stint in jail this week, Us Weekly is bowing out of the competition—not only eschewing the predictable cover... More »

8 Stories