Cold Atom Lab

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Space Station Is About to Get Much, Much Cooler

Cold Atom Lab is coming in August

(Newser) - You're about to feel much kinder toward Earth's chilly winter months. This summer, the International Space Station will become host to the coldest spot in the universe when NASA delivers a chamber that is more than 100 million times colder than deep space, which is itself far chillier... More »

NASA Plans to Make Coldest Spot in Universe

Cold Atom Lab on ISS will bring matter stunningly close to absolute zero

(Newser) - NASA is working on making things a lot colder on the International Space Station—as in, about as cold as physically possible. Scientists are building a "Cold Atom Lab," which would be able to bring matter within down as low as 0.0000000001 degrees above absolute zero, the... More »

2 Stories