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Head of Collapsed Mt. Gox Arrested in Tokyo

Mark Karpeles is suspected of inflating his own cash account

(Newser) - The head of the failed Japan-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox was arrested in Tokyo today on suspicion of inflating his cash account by $1 million. Mark Karpeles, 30, is suspected of accessing the exchange's computer system in February 2013 and swelling his account, Japanese police said. Mt. Gox went... More »

Former Feds Busted for Boosting Bitcoins

Ex-DEA, Secret Service agents stole digital currency during Silk Road probe: report

(Newser) - What do you do if you're a federal agent who's part of an undercover operation to bust up a booming black-market drug-dealing website? One thing you don't usually do is skim a goodly portion of said site's digital currency into your pockets, but two former federal... More »

Mt. Gox Is Gone for Good

Company files for liquidation

(Newser) - Mt. Gox has given up its bid to rebuild itself, and appears headed for liquidation after a Tokyo court rejected its rebuilding plan. The court appointed provisional administrator Nobuaki Kobayashi to take control of the company's assets from CEO Mark Karpeles, Reuters reports. Karpeles is likely to be investigated... More »

Mt. Gox: We Found 200K Bitcoins in Our Other Wallet

Now it's only missing 650K coins

(Newser) - Don't you hate when you leave something in your other pants? Like, say, $116 million? That's the approximate value of the 199,999.99 bitcoins that Mt. Gox found lying around in an old bitcoin wallet, according to the BBC . "Mt. Gox had certain old-format wallets which... More »

Hackers Claim Mt. Gox Sat on 'Stolen' Bitcoin

Stolen file reportedly reveals 951K-bitcoin balance

(Newser) - Hackers say the now-bankrupt Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has been less than honest about money lost in a major security lapse . Yesterday, they hacked into CEO Mark Karpeles' blog and Reddit account, announcing that the company had kept currency it claimed was stolen, Forbes reports. They said they'd hacked... More »

Mt. Gox Goes Bankrupt

Company says it lost 750K of customers' bitcoins

(Newser) - Mt. Gox is filing for bankruptcy protection, CEO Mark Karpeles announced at a press conference today, saying the bank may have lost 750,000 of its customers' bitcoins ("essentially all of them," reports the New York Times ), along more than 100,000 of its own. At current... More »

Bitcoin Is Doomed; Long Live Bitcoin

Most think the currency will survive this body blow

(Newser) - Will Bitcoin survive? USA Today talks to a slew of experts and finds a general consensus that, yes, the currency will bounce back after the collapse of its largest exchange . "The Internet didn't die when the bubble popped," says one expert who works with Bitcoin... More »

Report: Feds Subpoena Mt. Gox

Japan also promises to investigate

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors in New York have sent a subpoena to Mt. Gox, the once-mighty bitcoin exchange that vanished yesterday , the Wall Street Journal reports. Prosecutors demanded that the site preserve certain documents, a source said. Mt. Gox is based out of Tokyo, but if its employees sent emails or financial... More »

Key Bitcoin Exchange Basically Vanishes

Document suggests Mt. Gox, now offline, experienced major theft

(Newser) - Things have gone from bad to abysmal at Mt. Gox, long the largest and most popular Bitcoin exchange: Its CEO on Sunday resigned from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation; a day later the exchange deleted all of its tweets and went offline, displaying only a blank page, as an... More »

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