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Guess Where Trump Is Spending the Weekend?

President giving Camp David a try for the first time

(Newser) - President Trump is picking simple over swanky this weekend. For the first time in his five months as president, Trump is heading to Camp David, the government-owned retreat in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains, the AP reports. A frequent weekend traveler, Trump has favored his palatial residences in Florida and New... More »

Saudi King Skipping Summit at Camp David

Because it coincides with Yemen ceasefire, minister says

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia's King Salman will not attend a Camp David summit of US and allied Arab leaders, his foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, said today. In a statement, al-Jubeir says the summit Thursday coincides with a humanitarian cease-fire in the conflict in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is fighting Shiite... More »

US, Afghan Leaders Make Nice Again

John Kerry talks with Ashraf Ghani at Camp David

(Newser) - In a show of unity, US and Afghan officials laid the groundwork for new relations between the two countries today, including plans to seek American funding to maintain an Afghan security force of 352,000 and long-term counterterrorism efforts. Discussions over future US troop levels continue as the war winds... More »

Obama Quietly Turns 52

Hits Camp David for the weekend

(Newser) - What do you get for that leader of the free world who has everything? Apparently a weekend at Camp David and a round of golf with old friends will do it, reports the AP on the occasion of President Obama's 52nd birthday today. The White House is staying pretty... More »

Obama: We Go Skeet-Shooting 'All the Time'

President covers gun control, football in 'New Republic' interview

(Newser) - Perhaps it's the commander in chief who's clinging to his guns? In a wide-ranging interview with the New Republic , President Obama tackles slew of issues ranging from gun control to football, including this little gem when asked if he'd ever fired a gun: "Up at Camp... More »

Morsi: I'll Rethink Israel Peace, Build Iran Ties

Military, secularists involved in behind-scenes deal making

(Newser) - Mohammed Morsi's government will "reconsider the Camp David Accord," the 1979 treaty declaring peace between Egypt and Israel, the newly-elected president told Iran's state-run Fars News Agency today. Morsi was also quoted as saying that he wanted to build closer ties with Iran to "create... More »

Angela Merkel Answers Obama With a Shrug

'Well, you have a few things on your mind,' he responds

(Newser) - President Obama is huddling with other G-8 leaders today at Camp David, with Europe's financial crisis expected to be the main topic of conversation. More precisely: Whether Obama can persuade Germany's Angela Merkel to ease up on her austerity strategy and mix in some stimulus, reports AP . If... More »

Putin Pulls Out of G8 Meeting, Stuns US

Re-elected Russian prez sending Medvedev to Camp David

(Newser) - Looks like the relationship between President Obama and President Putin might be off to a rocky start. The Russian leader has surprised the White House by saying he won't be attending the G8 summit at Camp David next week, reports the New York Times . Putin was recently elected for... More »

Top 10 Presidential Getaways

Martha's Vineyard isn't the only game in town

(Newser) - President Obama is chilling in swanky Martha's Vineyard this week ... again. And while the Massachusetts hotspot is a vacation destination that has attracted presidents Kennedy and Clinton, Time r uns down a list of other noted places where commanders in chief have gone to unwind:
  • Florida White House: Richard
... More »

Obama Invites GOP to Policy Sessions, Super Bowl

President moves to engage Republicans

(Newser) - In a move to show voters that President Obama works across partisan lines—and to draw attention to Republican policy proposals—the White House is testing the waters of GOP outreach. The president is not only inviting Republicans to bipartisan policy brainstorming sessions as promised in last week's State of... More »

Obama Picks a Church: Camp David's

Prez dodges crowds at non-denominational site

(Newser) - Though they were sought by most parishes inside the Beltway, the Obamas have chosen Camp David's nondenominational chapel for their place of worship, Time reports. The decision follows in the footsteps of President Obama's predecessor in opting for a more private churchgoing experience—especially after throngs arrived hours early to... More »

Bush, Karzai Diverge on Iran

Leaders discuss regional stability

(Newser) - President Bush and Hamid Karzai emerged from today's Camp David meetings together, but they've clearly parted ways on the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Iran's role in Afghanistan. Bush put the onus on Iran to demonstrate that it's not a "destabilizing force," the Washington Post reports, but Karzai is already... More »

Brown Downplays US Fissure

New PM will visit Camp David, insists he isn't 'America's poodle'

(Newser) - Britain's new Prime Minister is set to meet with President Bush at Camp David next week amid rumors that relations between the two nations have cooled since Tony Blair's departure. Brown is walking a tightrope between rebuffing this speculation and being seen as "America's poodle," an epithet Blair... More »

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