America's poodle

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Allergies Complicate Obamas' Pooch-Vetting Process

Malia's issues have AKC pushing 'hypo-allergenic' breeds; docs say there's no such thing

(Newser) - Animal advocates are chomping at the bit to sway President-elect Obama’s choice of first dog, and they’re using daughter Malia's allergies to do it, the New York Times reports. The American Kennel Club suggests the Obamas buy a “hypoallergenic” breed like a poodle or Bichon Frise, but... More »

Brown Downplays US Fissure

New PM will visit Camp David, insists he isn't 'America's poodle'

(Newser) - Britain's new Prime Minister is set to meet with President Bush at Camp David next week amid rumors that relations between the two nations have cooled since Tony Blair's departure. Brown is walking a tightrope between rebuffing this speculation and being seen as "America's poodle," an epithet Blair... More »

2 Stories