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Man's Unusual Death in Australia: by Sea Snake

The 23-year-old Brit was working on a fishing trawler

(Newser) - A freak accident that claimed the life of a British man in Australia may be the first of its kind on record. The 23-year-old working on a fishing trawler off the Northern Territory was lifting a net onto the boat when he was bitten by a sea snake on Thursday.... More »

2 'Extinct' Snakes Found Swimming Happily

And they might be mating

(Newser) - Scientists feared the last of Australia's short-nosed sea snakes died about 15 years ago, which makes this new sighting doubly auspicious: A wildlife official snapped a photo of not one but two of the snakes swimming off the western coast—and they were making googly eyes at each other.... More »

Thanks, El Niño: Venomous Sea Snake Spotted in California

Warmer waters blamed for snake's first appearance in California in 35 years

(Newser) - Nature giveth, and nature taketh away. In addition to bringing much needed rain to Southern California this winter, El Niño is apparently also a harbinger of something much less desirable: venomous sea snakes. A yellow-bellied sea snake was seen on a beach near Malibu twice this week, Quartz reports.... More »

How a Sea Snake That Can't Drink Seawater Survives

Study finds they can just go months without drinking anything

(Newser) - Just one species of sea snake lives in the open ocean, even giving birth there—yet it can't drink seawater. Scientists have been puzzled at just how the yellow-bellied sea snake survives, National Geographic explains. Now, they've learned that it simply doesn't have to drink for months... More »

4 Stories