Muhammad Mosa Khan

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Pakistani Baby Cleared of Murder Charges

Judge decides 9-month-old should go free

(Newser) - The world's youngest fugitive is a wanted infant no more. A judge in Pakistan has dropped attempted murder charges against 9-month-old Muhammad Mosa Khan, reports the Telegraph . Images of the baby getting fingerprinted and holding his bottle in court drew international ridicule to the Pakistani justice system. Muhammad got... More »

Police Book Baby on Murder Charges in Pakistan

They say 9-month-old was among those who tried to kill police officers

(Newser) - It may sound like a made-up headline from a supermarket tabloid, but it's true: Police in Pakistan charged a 9-month-old baby with attempted murder, reports the Times of India . Little Muhammad Mosa Khan even showed up in court on his grandfather's lap, clutching his bottle, reports AFP . Police... More »

2 Stories