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Next for 'Broken' Oscar Pistorius: Sentencing

Witnesses testify in latest hearings

(Newser) - Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of negligent killing—comparable to manslaughter, the New York Times notes—but the case isn't over: The next step is sentencing hearings, and they could last at least a week, the Times reports. With Pistorius facing anything from a fine to 15 years... More »

Prosecutor Rips Pistorius Case: He Meant 'to Kill'

Prosecution lays out its final arguments in the Pretoria murder trial

(Newser) - The prosecution is laying out its closing arguments in Oscar Pistorius' monthslong murder trial today, with the defense expected to wrap things up tomorrow. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, known as "the pitbull," began by ripping into Pistorius' claims that he acted in self-defense when shooting Reeva Steenkamp—who Pistorius... More »

Court Orders 30-Day Mental Health Eval for Pistorius

Psychiatrist cites possible anxiety disorder; trial will again be delayed

(Newser) - Oscar Pistorius' murder trial could be on hold for a while— again . Judge Thokozile Masipa has ordered the athlete to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, the BBC reports. South Africa requires such an evaluation, Masipa said, when mental health issues are raised in a case. A forensic psychiatrist, testifying for the... More »

After 17-Day Hiatus, Pistorius Trial Restarts

Neighbor takes stand for defense

(Newser) - Witnesses for the defense are again taking the stand after a 17-day break in Oscar Pistorius' murder trial . Pointing to scheduling conflicts, prosecutor Gerrie Nel called for the break; judge Thokozile Masipa supported the idea given the lengthy trial, NBC News reports. It was originally supposed to take just three... More »

Pistorius: I Was Too Sad to Scream

Athlete faces last day of cross-examination

(Newser) - Today was the final day of Oscar Pistorius' grilling by Gerrie Nel, and once again, the prosecutor questioned the athlete's story of what happened the night Reeva Steenkamp died. When Pistorius realized he had shot his girlfriend, "Why would you not scream then?" Nel asked him, per NBC... More »

Pistorius Hammered About Reeva's Last Meal

Prosecutor also questions 2012 tweet about 'intruder'

(Newser) - Prosecutor Gerrie Nel hammered Oscar Pistorius on the details of the night Reeva Steenkamp was killed, asking about everything from the placement of her clothing on the floor to Pistorius' tone of voice. "Remember, the theme for the day is [that you have been] tailoring your evidence," Nel... More »

Prosecutor Gets in Pistorius' Face

It's a 'harrowing exchange,' tweets journalist

(Newser) - Oscar Pistorius has again taken the witness stand, apparently fighting emotion as he gave an account of Reeva Steenkamp's final moments. When he found her after breaking down the bathroom door with a cricket bat, he said, "I could see she was breathing, struggling to breathe." Trying... More »

7 Stories