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New Scourge of Search for Missing Flight: a Cyclone

As Bluefin-21 finishes two-thirds of search, without success

(Newser) - It's another quiet day in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, beyond the news that as of today the underwater drone on the hunt for its wreckage has now finished two-thirds of its mission without detecting so much as a hint of the jet. NBC News reports... More »

On 3rd Try, Drone on Hunt for Jet Works

Cost of search: About $234M?

(Newser) - Some progress, some dead ends: A recently spotted oil slick in the area being searched for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has been analyzed, and it likely has nothing to do with the plane, CNN reports. But the search continues there, and the US Navy's Bluefin-21 has finally pulled... More »

New Pitfall in Hunt for Jet: Sea Is Too Deep

Robot sub forced to return to surface early on first day of undersea search

(Newser) - Yet another setback in the search for Flight 370: The first undersea mission to search for the Malaysia Airlines jet, scheduled to last 16 hours, was cut short after the Bluefin-21 underwater drone exceeded its 2.8-mile operating limit, authorities say. The drone collected around six hours of footage yesterday,... More »

Robot Sub to Search Area 'New to Man' for Jet

Search for pings called off after 6 days with no signal

(Newser) - After six days with no fresh pings detected, the chief of the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 says it's time to go underwater. The Bluefin-21 underwater autonomous vehicle will now be deployed to search for wreckage in an area defined by signals picked up last week that are... More »

4 Stories