sleeping sickness

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Town Hit by Sleeping Illness Gets Answer, No Resolution

A nearby uranium mine may be the culprit, but how?

(Newser) - The mysterious sleeping sickness that has befallen dozens of villagers in a remote region of Kazakhstan continues to befuddle scientists. Following reports of victims passing out in schools, at home, and even on a motorcycle, and sometimes failing to snap out of it for days at a time, scientists descended... More »

Deadly Fly's Strange Vulnerability: Its Breast Milk

Scientists decode insect's genome, may try to stifle mom's production

(Newser) - Scientists have unraveled the genome of the tsetse fly after a 10-year effort, and the development could save Africa from the devastating effects of the fatal infection it carries known as sleeping sickness, reports LiveScience . While the disease—one that drives its victims crazy in rabies-like fashion and is fatal... More »

2 Stories