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OKCupid Blocks Firefox in Gay Rights Stand

New Mozilla CEO was gay marriage opponent

(Newser) - New Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich's support of California's Proposition 8 against gay marriage has come back to haunt him. Dating site OKCupid is trying to steer Firefox users to other browsers, calling Eich "an opponent of equal rights for gay couples" for donating $1,000 to the... More »

Chrome Surges to No. 2

Explorer, Firefox down as Google's browser makes big gains

(Newser) - Less than three years since its official public launch, Google's Chrome has become the second-most popular web browser in the world, reports Digital Trends . In November, Chrome accounted for 25.7% of global browser usage, climbing just past declining Firefox, which fell to 25.23%. Just two years ago,... More »

Study: IE Users Have Lower IQs

Especially if they haven't upgraded

(Newser) - If you’re reading this site on Internet Explorer 6, you should know you’re not in good company. A new study from a Canadian company called AptiQuant has found that Internet Explorer users are on average significantly less intelligent than users of other browsers, especially if they’re using... More »

Firefox to Offer Do-Not-Track Tool ... With One Catch

Companies will first have to agree not to track you

(Newser) - If you don’t like the idea of online companies tracking your every move , you may want to start using Firefox. Mozilla announced its Web browser will be the first to answer the FTC’s call for a do-not-track system , the Wall Street Journal reports. Just one problem: In order... More »

Firefox Add-on Makes Hacking Facebook a Breeze

Firesheep downloaded more than 100K times in 24 hours

(Newser) - A Firefox extension that makes it simple for users to hijack accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of other popular sites has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in 24 hours. The Firesheep add-on allows users to scan public WiFi networks and, via cookies, steal login details from unsecured... More »

IE9 Looks Like a Game-Changer

Microsoft's latest puts it back ahead in browser wars

(Newser) - It's been quite a while since Microsoft was in the lead for browser innovation, but Internet Explorer 9—released in beta form yesterday—is good enough to lure some users back from Firefox and Chrome, say reviewers.
  • IE9 "not only catches up with its competitors, but improves in several
... More »

Firefox Falters as Chrome Muscles In

Open source browser may never hit 25% market share

(Newser) - The Firefox phenomenon could be running out of steam. February saw the browser’s market share inch down for the third month in a row, according to recently released figures. That still gives the upstart open source browser 24.2% of the market, making it easily the second most popular... More »

Google Chrome Wins Browser War

Chrome 4 is the best way to surf the web, writes Farah Manjoo

(Newser) - Chrome 4, Google's latest version of its web browser, beats Internet Explorer 8—no surprise—and Firefox 3.6 hands down, writes Farhad Manjoo. He's been a fan of Chrome's earlier versions: They've always been fast, handled web video well, and compartmentalized tabs, so problems on one website don't crash... More »

New Security Flaws Found in Internet Explorer

Vulnerabilities spotted after release of security patch

(Newser) - An Internet security firm has found yet more serious "vulnerabilities" in Internet Explorer just days after Microsoft released a fresh security patch in the wake of a major hack attack. The browser—which was exploited by hackers in the recent wave of massive cyberattacks blamed on China—has weaknesses... More »

Firefox Heads for Cell Phones

Fennec launch imminent, but, iPhone users, don't hold your breath

(Newser) - The release of Firefox's Fennec browser for mobiles is imminent after more than a year of development. Mozilla exec Jay Sullivan says the browser is being put through final testing and will likely be available for download before the end of the year. Fennec —which synchronizes mobiles with the... More »

Firefox Team's Email Program a 'Winner'

Mozilla's Postbox has killer search, tabbed browsing, and a price tag

(Newser) - We're getting flooded with more and more email, but the tools used to read messages haven't matured much in recent years, says Wall Street Journal tech writer Katherine Boehret. A new program called Postbox, from the same developers behind the Firefox web browser, aims to change that—it features real-time... More »

New Sony Vaio PCs Will Include Google Web Browser

Facing Microsoft, search giant aims to expand market for Chrome

(Newser) - Google Chrome, languishing in the browser wars, will get a substantial boost thanks to a deal with Sony—which is shipping new Vaio PCs with Chrome pre-installed. Google is also talking to other computer manufacturers, the FT reports, as it attempts to weaken the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which... More »

Firefox Upgrade Scares Off Porn Fans

(Newser) - The No. 1 reason many Firefox users refused to upgrade to the browser’s latest version was fear that it would expose their deep, dark—think "naked"—online secrets, PC Pro reports. Firefox 3’s new address bar suggests your bookmarked sites as you enter URLs, which 25%... More »

Firefox Loses Some of Its Edge: Mossberg

It's not the fastest browser anymore

(Newser) - Mozilla's Firefox is still good, but it doesn't stand out as much as it used to, Walter S. Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. The latest edition of the web browser, version 3.5, works well on both PCs and Macs, but "Firefox has lost its traditionally biggest... More »

Firefox 3.5 Could Upgrade the Whole Web

New browser is faster and ready for HTML upgrade

(Newser) - Firefox, once lauded for “speed, stability, and customizability,” seemed lately to have fallen behind the competition—but with version 3.5, out today, it’s back and better than ever, writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate. The new version “adds a much-needed speed boost” alongside bug fixes. And... More »

Google Brings Online Chrome Ad to TV

With browser far behind competitors, innovator goes traditional

(Newser) - In a desperate bid to heighten the visibility of its little-used web browser Chrome, Google has launched its first American television advertising campaign, the Guardian reports. The TV ad was made by a Google Japan team and uses stop-motion animation. Google says it’s “excited to see how this... More »

New IE8 Promising But Slow: Mossberg

While some features are unmatched, slow page loads hinder updated browser

(Newser) - Internet Explorer 8 becomes available at noon, but don’t go ditching your current browser just yet, writes Walter S. Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft's latest is "a big improvement over its predecessor, IE7, and a much closer competitor to its main rival, Mozilla's Firefox"—but... More »

Google Flags Entire Internet as Malware


(Newser) - Anyone searching on Google for a short stretch early this morning got a rude awakening. Every result on the search giant turned up the warning, "This site may harm your computer,” ZDNet reports, and firewalls on personal PCs blocked them accordingly. Google blames the glitch—from 6:30am... More »

New Firefox's Speed Will Smoke Chrome, Mozilla Says

Chrome 28% slower than Firefox 3.1 on XP

(Newser) - The next version of Firefox will be faster than Google's Chrome, the fastest browser out there, Mozilla said today, according to TechCrunch. Chrome is 28% slower on XP and 16% slower on Vista than Firefox 3.1, which releases this year, Mozilla claims. By using the new engine TraceMonkey, one... More »

Google to Launch Web Browser

'Chrome' announcement appears in comic book

(Newser) - Google will soon launch its own Web browser, called Chrome, aiming to make web surfing easier and faster, the Wall Street Journal reports. The announcement is the latest volley in the long battle between Microsoft and Google, which released the news by sending a comic book outlining Chrome's features to... More »

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