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Faithful Dog Waits 2 Weeks for His Murdered Owner

'He would just stand there and look helpless'

(Newser) - Loyalty between dog and man once again has no bounds, this time via a German shepherd who waited two weeks for an owner who'd never come home again. The dog was first spotted at an apartment complex near Houston's Hobby Airport, KTRK reports—sometimes on the steps, sometimes... More »

Loyal Dog Stays by Owner's Dead Body

Searchers find golden retriever in 'protective stance' to fend off scavengers

(Newser) - A search team in Colorado found the body of a missing 81-year-old skier Saturday, but they had to get by his loyal golden retriever Buddy first, reports ABC Denver . The dog was described in the sheriff's report as being in a "protective state," apparently guarding the body... More »

Army Vet Reunited With His Military Dog

'They gave me my life back,' says soldier with PTSD

(Newser) - It took a few years to cut through the military red tape, but an Army vet back in the US has been reunited with the bomb-sniffing dog he deployed with in Afghanistan, reports the Army Times . Spc. Joshua Tucker returned to the US in 2011 with a head injury and... More »

Parents Catch Abusive Babysitter, Thanks to Dog

Killian's behavior alerted them that something wasn't right

(Newser) - A babysitter in South Carolina has confessed to physically abusing a 7-month-old boy in her care—and the child's parents give credit to the loyal family dog. As WCSC explains, they grew suspicious when their otherwise mellow dog, Killian, started routinely growling at the family's 21-year-old babysitter and... More »

Loyal Lab Sticks With Dog Pal Hit by Car

Shelter saves 'Grace,' seeking home

(Newser) - Doggone it, that's loyalty. A faithful black Labrador braved whizzing traffic to stick with a pal fatally hit by a car on a busy boulevard in Los Angeles County. A good Samaritan placed traffic cones to protect the dogs and took a cell-phone video of the arresting sight, and... More »

Loyal Dog Follows Soldier to Death

They'll rest in peace together, says pal of Liam Tasker, Theo

(Newser) - A soldier's loyal bomb-sniffing dog died just hours after his master was killed in an Afghanistan firefight, and his family believes the pooch died from a broken heart. British Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, 26, was shot dead in Helmand Province with his springer spaniel, Theo, at his side. Theo had... More »

6 Stories