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Urban Sprawl Is Literally Stranding the Poor

Paul Krugman thinks social mobility is suffering, poor stay poor

(Newser) - Detroit spent the last decade spiraling into bankruptcy, while Atlanta spent it growing like mad. But the two cities have something in common: "Both are places where the American dream seems to be dying," writes Paul Krugman at the New York Times . Social mobility is low in both... More »

Elephant Rampage Kills 1 in India

Elephant gores man to death in Mysore, India

(Newser) - Two wild elephants killed a man and injured others on a rampage in southern India. The New Delhi Television channel today aired footage showing the body of a man at the feet of one of the animals in the city of Mysore. One elephant was trapped inside a farm and... More »

Sorry, Greenies, Americans Still Like Sprawl

(Newser) - When urban planners dream, they dream that Americans will give up on the suburbs in favor of a dense, environmentally friendly, less auto-dependent lifestyle. And it’s never going to happen, David Brooks writes in the New York Times. “Amsterdam is a wonderful city, but Americans never seem to... More »

Exploring the Two Sides of India

A trip home reveals a society of extreme wealth and extreme poverty

(Newser) - The Delhi area is a microcosm of India, torn between urban sprawl and utter poverty. Endless construction, skyscrapers, highways, condos, and shopping malls share the city with naked children rummaging through garbage for food. Pasha Malla of the Morning News returns to his ancestral home on a mission to visit... More »

4 Stories