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'Selfie Video' of Istanbul Attacker Surfaces

Nightclub gunman may be Central Asian man

(Newser) - Turkish media on Tuesday ran a "selfie video" of a man they say is the gunman who killed 39 people , most of them foreigners, at an Istanbul nightclub. The video broadcast on Turkish television shows the alleged gunman filming himself with a cellphone at Istanbul's Taksim Square. It... More »

Man Who Filmed Himself Starting Massive Wildfire Gets 20 Years

The video was a key piece of evidence in his conviction

(Newser) - A man who took a video of himself after starting a fire that would go on to burn more than 150 square miles of land was sentenced to 20 years in prison and a $60 million fine, the AP reports. According to Reuters , Wayne Huntsman pleaded guilty to three counts... More »

Dad's Accidental Selfie Video Doesn't Stay in Vegas

It's been viewed 4M times since his son uploaded it to YouTube

(Newser) - Joseph Griffin screwed up big time when it came to recording his dream vacation to Las Vegas, but hey, at least he got a viral video out of his mistake. The Irishman brought his son's GoPro camera stateside so he could film the sights to show his friends and... More »

8 Years of Daily Selfies Equals a Very Cool Video

Watch Hugo Cornellier age

(Newser) - Hugo Cornellier is 20 years old, and he's been taking a selfie a day from the age of 12, the New York Post reports. The result: a pretty cool video showing the Montreal boy as he becomes a man. ( This video shows 11 years of World Trade Center... More »

Burglar Accidentally Records Selfie Video

Police would like a word

(Newser) - He's not caught yet, but a burglar in Venice, California, could soon join the annals of criminals done in by technology . Police say the man entered a home while the occupants were sleeping, picked up an iPhone, and triggered an app that recorded a selfie video, reports CBS Los... More »

Selfie Video May Have Saved a Woman's Life

Stacey Yepes knew something wasn't right, and her footage helped prove it

(Newser) - Just two days after a doctor told her she was merely stressed out, Stacey Yepes pulled over to film a selfie video because, for the third time in three days, the Canadian woman felt one side of her face go numb. The move may have saved the 49-year-old's life;... More »

6 Stories