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2 Humpbacks Saved From 'Enormously Painful' Fate

Caught in fishing lines off Mass., Calif. coastlines

(Newser) - A humpback whale off the coast of Gloucester, Mass., is lucky to be alive after a rescue team disentangled it from a slew of fishing lines, Massachusetts Environmental Police tell WCVB . The whale was first seen Wednesday morning, and by 7:30 that night, a Center for Coastal Studies team... More »

Police Chief Wants You to Call These 5 Drug CEOs

Too many people are getting hooked on prescription meds, says Gloucester chief

(Newser) - The police chief in Gloucester, Massachusetts, has employed what the Boston Globe accurately describes as an "unconventional" tactic in his fight to reduce the number of drug addicts. Chief Leonard Campanello's department put up a Facebook post with the phone numbers and email addresses of the CEOs at... More »

'Pregnancy Pact' HS to Offer Birth Control

School where 17 teens got pregnant last year OKs birth control plan

(Newser) - A Massachusetts high school where 17 teens got pregnant last year presumably as part of a "pregnancy pact" has decided to distribute birth control pills and condoms to students, the Boston Globe reports. A school official said birth control would only be available with parental consent, adding that he... More »

Principal of 'Pregnancy Pact' High School Quits

Administrator says mayor, superintendent betrayed him

(Newser) - The principal of the Massachusetts high school that gained infamy for an alleged pregnancy pact made by 17 students has resigned, the Boston Globe reports. The Gloucester High principal said the mayor "publicly slandered" him and insisted his interview with Time, which set off the controversy, was "direct,... More »

Parade Mocks Pregnancy Pact

Float in neighboring town sparks charge of 'class war'

(Newser) - The Gloucester, Mass., teen pregnancy pact is a sensitive matter, which apparently made it fair game for the Fourth of July "Horribles" parade in an upscale neighboring town, the Boston Herald reports. One float in the Beverly Farms procession raucously mocked the situation in blue-collar Gloucester with a giant... More »

Pregnancy Pact Was Real, Says Principal

Defends comments after mayor says there's no proof

(Newser) - The principal of a Massachusetts high school who said 17 girls got pregnant at his school as part of a pact isn't backing down from his claim, the AP reports. The principal said he gleaned the information through a nurse practitioner, “verbal staff reports,” and “student/staff chatter.... More »

Pregnancy Pact Recollection 'Foggy'

Mayor at center of media frenzy speaks for absent HS principal

(Newser) - The mayor of the city where high school students reportedly made a "pregnancy pact" reiterated today that local officials haven't found any evidence confirming the agreement, the Boston Herald reports. The Gloucester, Mass., mayor said at a press conference the school principal couldn't provide a source for that claim:... More »

UK Restores Water to Flooded Areas

Supply turned back on for 54K homes; still not safe to drink or cook

(Newser) - Water supplies are returning to thousands of homes in England after torrential rain flooded the area in an and around Gloucester and knocked out a water treatment plant. Reinstated water will not be potable, warn officials, and should not be used to cook, make ice, or brush teeth. More »

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