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Why Seahorses Have 'Square' Tails

They help them grip coral and seaweed and protect from predator bites

(Newser) - A seahorse's tail is a bizarre one in the animal kingdom because it's square—or more precisely, it's made up of about three dozen "square plates," explains Gizmodo . Why? Researchers set out to discover just that with a method that sounds, well, pretty fun: They... More »

When Mad, Seahorses Unleash Surprising Sound

The little guys actually growl

(Newser) - What does a seahorse do if you grab it and hold it in place underwater? It growls, of course. It may be a small, low sound, barely audible to the human ear, but scientists in Brazil report in the Journal of Zoology that they used a hydrophone to record audio... More »

2 Stories