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News Is Worse Than Thought for Seahorses

Fishermen's nets kill tens of millions annually

(Newser) - Seahorses, known not only for their funky shape but also for being monogamous and for the odd trait that it's the males who give birth, might be in more trouble than thought. It's long been known that the small fish are just one of many to get caught... More »

Why Seahorses Have 'Square' Tails

They help them grip coral and seaweed and protect from predator bites

(Newser) - A seahorse's tail is a bizarre one in the animal kingdom because it's square—or more precisely, it's made up of about three dozen "square plates," explains Gizmodo . Why? Researchers set out to discover just that with a method that sounds, well, pretty fun: They... More »

When Mad, Seahorses Unleash Surprising Sound

The little guys actually growl

(Newser) - What does a seahorse do if you grab it and hold it in place underwater? It growls, of course. It may be a small, low sound, barely audible to the human ear, but scientists in Brazil report in the Journal of Zoology that they used a hydrophone to record audio... More »

3 Stories