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Diehard Fox News Fans Getting Another Option

Network launching a stand-alone streaming service

(Newser) - Fox News is venturing into new territory—a stand-alone streaming service to be named Fox Nation, reports the New York Times . No cable package will be needed, with details about cost and the timing of the rollout sill up in the air. The service will not feature content from Fox... More »

HBO's Move Might Kill Cable

Stand-alone streaming could doom pricey bundling once and for all

(Newser) - HBO's announcement that it will launch some of type of stand-alone streaming service next year means that "cable companies should be very, very afraid," writes Issie Lapowsky at Wired . It's a sentiment widely shared out there, with Brian Merchant at Vice chiming in, "From where... More »

Yes, You Can Get HBO Without Cable (Sort Of)

Cable companies accommodate cord cutters

(Newser) - Are you a would-be cord-cutter who wishes you could buy access to HBO Go without having cable? Well you sort-of can—with a little help from your cable company. Yes, most major cable providers are offering semi-secret packages that include Internet, a token bare-minimum cable package, and HBO, reports Geoffrey... More »

3 Stories