Wichita Falls

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Camel Tramples, Kills 2 ... in Texas

Owner of camel farm had long raised the animals

(Newser) - A "large, aggressive camel" on a farm in Texas trampled the farm's owner and another person to death Saturday, Fox News reports. Officers in Wichita Falls say the bodies of owner Peggye McNair, 72, as well as Mark Mere, 53, were found near a male camel with blood... More »

Texas Town Will Soon Be Drinking Toilet Water

Purified toilet water, but yeah, toilet water

(Newser) - How do you feel about drinking toilet water? Not great? Well, then, don't move to Wichita Falls, Texas, where officials are planning to start recycling wastewater for just that purpose. Three years of extreme drought led them to consider the plan, which would derive half of all drinking water... More »

Frustrated Cities Take Gangs to Court

Lawsuits requesting injunctions gain popularity in effort to preempt violence

(Newser) - San Francisco, Fort Worth, and other cities are suing gangs in an effort to curb violence, winning injunctions forbidding members to ride in cars together and even talk to each other on the street. Courts have struck down citywide measures after critics argued they unfairly target minorities, but injunctions against... More »

3 Stories