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Monkeys, Ghosts Can't Hold Copyright: Regulator

Macaque's selfie can't be registered, US office says

(Newser) - The biggest overhaul of American copyright regulations in decades includes some bad news for a photographer whose camera was snatched by a monkey : Only works created by humans can be copyrighted. The US Copyright Office says photos taken by monkeys count as "unprotected intellectual property," Ars Technica finds.... More »

Wikimedia: Monkey Selfie Is Staying Put

It's in public domain because a monkey took it, not a human, say editors

(Newser) - Strangest copyright dispute ever: British photographer David Slater wants Wikimedia Commons to take down photos of a monkey taken with his camera, but the site refuses because a monkey pushed the button. As the Telegraph explains, Slater traveled to Indonesia in 2011 at his own expense to photograph crested black... More »

2 Stories