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What Do These Guys Have to Smile About? Their New Pics

Official portraits of Trump, Pence released after long delay

(Newser) - Check out President Trump's Twitter pages—both the official @POTUS account and his personal handle —and his avatar is the picture of squinting seriousness. But both he and VP Mike Pence are showing off their pearly whites in their new official portraits, released Tuesday and now circulating online... More »

Yearbook Photos Show Our Smiles Have Changed

Photographers used to tell their subjects to say 'prune' instead of 'cheese'

(Newser) - "These days we take for granted that we should smile when our picture is being taken." So write University of California Berkeley researchers, who note that photographers used to tell their subjects to say "prunes" instead of "cheese." That's because it was more fashionable... More »

Researchers Say They Know Why Babies Smile

To get mom to smile back

(Newser) - Do you ever wonder what's going through your baby's mind when she smiles at you? Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, think they know. Their study, published in PLOS ONE , suggests that babies who are smiling are attempting to make whomever they're interacting with smile... More »

Why Fake Smiling Is a Bad Idea

Trying to mask unhappiness might make you unhappier, study says

(Newser) - If you're subscribing to the old adage of "grin and bear it" to mask negative emotions, you're not doing yourself any favors—we're simply not that easily fooled. Researchers say that over time, fake smiling can actually cause people to associate smiling with feeling unhappy, and... More »

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