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Deodorant Changes More Than Your Smell

Study: products actually alter your body's bacteria

(Newser) - Applying deodorant or antiperspirant clearly alters your body’s smell, but it may also alter your body's bacteria. A PeerJ study finds the organisms that live in and on your skin are drastically changed by what you put under your arms. Evolutionary genomicist Julie Horvath recruited 17 participants—antiperspirant... More »

Chinese Feminist Issues Call for Women's Armpit Hair

Contest in China generates lots of attention

(Newser) - Most women's rights advocates aren't interested in turning back the clock. But China's Xiao Meili hopes to do just that with a contest on messaging site Weibo . The goal: find the best photo of a woman's untamed armpit hair—a look she says was popular in... More »

2 Stories