Coast Guard rescue

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Man's Quick Swim Turns Into 4-Hour Nightmare

Randall Hackett found a buoy amid heavy fog

(Newser) - A swimmer who vanished off a Massachusetts beach was found safe and sound Tuesday after treading water for 4 1/2 hours. Randall Hackett, 58, and his 28-year-old son-in-law, Alexander Auerbach, had decided to swim part of the 4-mile distance of Crane Beach in Ipswich around 5pm Tuesday, report the Salem ... More »

Castaways Rescued After Spelling 'Help'

Navy plane spotted men on remote Pacific island

(Newser) - Three castaways might still be stuck on a remote, uninhabited Pacific island if they hadn't made a sign. The sailors were saved after a US Navy plane spotted that they had spelled out "HELP" in palm fronds on Fanadik Island, which lies around 2,600 miles southwest of... More »

Coast Guard Swimmer Pulls Off Herculean Rescue

Darren Harrity swam 1,750 yards in dark, windy conditions to save 4 fishermen

(Newser) - When the Coast Guard in North Bend, Ore., got a report early yesterday that the crew of a commercial fishing vessel was stranded in a life raft after their boat started taking on water, it sent a chopper, a USCG release notes. But after 27-year-old rescue swimmer Darren Harrity was... More »

Unintentional Smoke Signals Save Guy, Dog Stuck at Sea

Coast Guard spotted burning boat after man radioed for help

(Newser) - A man and his dog have a new best friend in the United States Coast Guard, after it picked them up after days at sea, using smoke pouring from their burning sailboat to home in on their position. As WFLA reports, the man's sailboat, which he was sailing from... More »

4 Stories