Shelly Sterling

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Judge to Sterling's Ex: Give Back $1.8M House, $800K

Donald Sterling's wife, Shelly, wins case against V. Stiviano

(Newser) - The billionaire wife of Donald Sterling got her revenge against a woman he secretly showered with gifts and whose recording of his racist rant cost him ownership of the LA Clippers. Shelly Sterling's victory yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court will force V. Stiviano to surrender a $1.8... More »

Donald Sterling's Wife, Galpal to Meet in Court

Shelly Sterling names husband, V. Stiviano as witnesses in suit

(Newser) - The girlfriend whose recording of Donald Sterling making racially insensitive remarks cost him ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers faces a fight with his estranged wife that could cost her the fortune he gave her. Shelly Sterling is going after the $2.5 million in gifts her husband lavished on... More »

V. Stiviano: Donald Sterling Is Gay

She was his beard, not his lover: lawsuit

(Newser) - Donald Sterling's girlfriend? Nah, says V. Stiviano: She never slept with the former Los Angeles Clippers owner, because he's gay and she was his beard, TMZ reports. Stiviano makes the claim in a new lawsuit filed in a battle over who owns the property and cars Sterling gave... More »

3 Stories