Velella velella

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Gooey Blue Creatures Invade West Coast Beaches

Velella velella piling up along Washington, Oregon

(Newser) - It sounds hyperbolic, but it isn't: Gooey jellyfish-like creatures have been washing ashore on Washington and Oregon beaches for more than a month by the millions—at least. The Weather Channel reports billions are being blown ashore. They're called velella velella, and "unless you're a microscopic... More »

Mysterious Jelly-Like Fish Washing Up on West Coast

Experts blame strong winds for carrying so many Velella velella ashore

(Newser) - Ocean-goers up and down the West Coast have spent weeks photographing thousands of mysterious sea creatures washing up on seashores from Washington to California, reports CNN . Called Velella velella, or "by-the-wind sailors," the silver-purple sea creatures that vaguely resemble jellyfish are typically found well out in the ocean,... More »

2 Stories