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Iraq's Shaky Dam Could Flood 1M in Hours

US Embassy warns Americans to have escape plan

(Newser) - Americans in Iraq should be poised to leave at any minute—but not because of any terrorist threat. In a security alert , the US Embassy in Baghdad notes more than a million people could be drowned or left homeless if Iraq's largest hydro-electric dam on the Tigris River breaks... More »

ISIS Seizes Major Dam, Could Now Flood Baghdad

200K civilians flee after Kurdish forces defeated

(Newser) - ISIS militants have made major gains after a fresh push in northern Iraq, seizing three towns after defeating Kurdish forces and taking control of the country's biggest and most important dam. The militants have been destroying Shiite shrines and executing resisters in the captured towns and up to 200,... More »

Syria's War Triggered by ... Water?

The Tigris-Euphrates Basin is losing a lot of water, and fast

(Newser) - Tucked into a piece on the drastically dropping water levels in the Middle East's Tigris-Euphrates Basin comes this theory: The drop helped spur the Syrian civil war. As Joshua Hammer explains for Smithsonian , a pair of satellites tasked with measuring groundwater found that the basin lost the equivalent of... More »

20 Headless Bodies Found Near Baghdad

Car bomb at bus station kills at least 20 others

(Newser) - Twenty decapitated corpses were found alongside the Tigris River today, in an area where coalition forces have recently pushed to annihilate al-Qaeda militants. All young men, the bodies were bound and many heads were discovered nearby, the AP reports. The military drive in Salman Pak began two weeks ago. More »

4 Stories