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Man Beheaded in Freak Accident Had Pregnant Wife

Cops say Fabian Zepeda would never have seen wire across road

(Newser) - The man decapitated in a freak motorcycle accident in San Bernardino, Calif., on Tuesday morning has been identified as Fabian Zepeda, a 27-year-old who'd been married for less than a year and whose wife is four months pregnant. "I am very happy to keep a little blessing from... More »

Young Motorcyclist Decapitated in Freak Accident

Driver of a Ford Taurus lost control, setting the tragedy into motion

(Newser) - A Ford Taurus crashed in a yard in San Bernardino, Calif., Tuesday morning, and the accident set off a series of events that ended in a freak tragedy. The Press-Enterprise reports that after the driver lost control and struck a mailbox, his car didn't stop in that home's... More »

Baby Jesus' New Head Is a Bit 'Shocking'

But fear not, it's only temporary

(Newser) - Whenever the head of the baby Jesus statue in an Ontario churchyard previously got vandalized and knocked off, it was always found nearby and reattached. But when it happened last October, the head was nowhere to be found—and with a replacement statue of the baby being held by Mary... More »

Cops: Man Beheaded Girlfriend's Alleged Rapist

Joseph Thoresen faces up to 40 years in prison

(Newser) - A Minnesota man and his unnamed girlfriend have been charged with brutally murdering and beheading a 20-year-old man the girlfriend claimed raped her, NBC News reports. According to KARE 11 , the girlfriend was upset when her boyfriend, 35-year-old Joseph Thoresen, informed her David Haiman was coming to their apartment June... More »

After Crash, Woman Held Boy's Head Straight. It Saved Him

Family says Killian will make a full recovery from internal decapitation

(Newser) - A 4-year-old boy might not have survived a horrific car accident if two Good Samaritans had not happened upon the scene, reports Boise station KBOI . The accident occurred when Brandy Gonzalez was driving from Nevada to Idaho with son Killian on May 22, and their car smashed into another after... More »

Texas Man Mysteriously Found Decapitated in Truck

'They cut my son's head off'

(Newser) - A grisly mystery is unfolding in Texas after a 24-year-old man was found in his pickup truck—without his head. "They cut my son's head off and they took my son's head," Jubal Alexander's father tells KTRK . "Who would do that?" KHOU reports Alexander... More »

London Has a Serial Animal Killer on Its Hands

Dozens of cats, foxes, rabbits, birds found with their heads, tails, or paws cut off

(Newser) - Southern England is now on high alert after a series of animal killings across the region—mostly in the form of beheadings—has rendered the original moniker, the Croydon Cat Killer, far too specific. The person is killing well outside the London borough of Croydon and claiming not just felines,... More »

4-Year-Old Decapitated in Front of Her Mother

Suspect in Taiwan had sought treatment for mental illness

(Newser) - A nearly unthinkable killing unfolded on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, on Monday, when a man beheaded a 4-year-old girl in full view of her mother. It appears to have been a random attack, and the 33-year-old suspect has a history of mental issues, reports the Taipei Times . The victim... More »

Could Ransom Have Saved James Foley?

Islamic State demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom for his release

(Newser) - Special forces reportedly tried to free journalist James Foley in Syria earlier this summer, but to no avail. A ransom, however, may have gotten the job done. The Islamic State, which filmed the decapitation of the 40-year-old video journalist who'd been held hostage since 2012, had demanded a multimillion-dollar... More »

Teen in Decapitation Case Wanted to Dissect Someone: Cops

Victim Aiwa Matsuo was buried today in Sasebo

(Newser) - The 16-year-old Japanese school girl accused of beheading her friend allegedly told police she invited Aiwa Matsuo, 15, to her apartment intending to kill her—because, according to police, she wanted to dissect someone and had been practicing on cats, the Japan Time s reports. After allegedly killing Matsuo in... More »

Body of Wife in Decapitation Case Is Found

Shirley Dermond's husband beheaded 2 weeks ago

(Newser) - Police found the body of 87-year-old Shirley Dermond in Georgia's Lake Oconee today after a two-week search, but they still don't know how she died or who decapitated her husband earlier this month, reports WXIA in Atlanta. Investigators were working on the theory that whoever killed 88-year-old Russell... More »

Arrest Finally Made in Hollywood Sign Severed Head Case

Victim's former roommate, partner charged with murder

(Newser) - Police made a long-awaited arrest over a murder scene that unfolded at the iconic Hollywood sign. In January 2012, two women walking their dogs in Los Angeles' Griffith Park made a morbid discovery: a human head; more body parts were eventually found . Now, 38-year-old Gabriel Campos Martinez has been arrested... More »

Cartel-Style Beheading Stumps Wyoming Cops

Belt buckle on bullet-riddled body is only clue

(Newser) - A gruesome find on a dirt road has police in Wyoming fearing that Mexican drug cartel-style violence has found its way to one of the least populated parts of America. Duck hunters found the decapitated body of an unidentified man in his 30s on a dead-end road in Park County,... More »

Soccer Ref Beheaded After Stabbing Player

Fans mount his head on spike in middle of pitch

(Newser) - A referee at an amateur soccer match in Brazil allegedly stabbed and killed a player after an on-field disagreement last weekend. That isn't the most gruesome thing that happened during the game that day. In retaliation, fans reportedly lynched the ref—20-year-old Otavio Jordao da Silva—beating, stoning, quartering,... More »

Afghan Woman Beheaded, Refused to Sleep With Man

Her in-laws, husband sought to turn her into prostitute

(Newser) - A 20-year-old Afghan woman was beheaded for refusing to sleep with a man to comply with her husband and his family's plan to make her a prostitute, according to police. The wanna-be customer, Najibullah, and the in-laws and husband of the victim Mah Gul have been arrested for the... More »

Taliban Beheads 17 Over Afghan Music Event

Victims were celebrating with instruments, dancing

(Newser) - Taliban insurgents beheaded 17 men and women yesterday for participating in a music event in Afghanistan's Helmand province, officials report. The decapitations occurred after people gathered for a celebration, and were playing music and dancing, according to the chief of the Musa Qala government. They were apparently punished for... More »

Cops Eye Magnotta in Hollywood Decapitation

He may have been in California when victim was dismembered

(Newser) - Was Luka Magnotta a serial killer who only filmed his latest murder? Police are probing a possible link between the Canadian murder suspect to an unsolved slaying in his hometown of Montreal—and further afield, including in Hollywood, where a headless body was found near the famous sign earlier this... More »

Dad Decapitates Disabled Son, 7

Wanted to make mom 'feel stupid,' Jeremiah Lee Wright tells cops

(Newser) - A Louisiana man decapitated his 7-year-old disabled son with a meat cleaver because he was sick of taking care of him and wanted to make his wife "feel stupid," he told police. Jori Lirette was bludgeoned, decapitated, and dismembered. His father, 30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright, said he left... More »

Tenerife Beheading: Was Killer Copying Predator?

Friend says Deyan Deyanov loved sci-fi film, decapitation scenes

(Newser) - Deyan Deyanov, the man accused of beheading British grandmother Jennifer Mills-Westley on Tenerife last Friday, was obsessed with the movie Predator and may have been trying to copy its decapitation attacks, a friend says. Deyanov, 28, even had a tattoo on his arm featuring characters from the film’s fictional... More »

Before Beheading, Attacker Asked for Large Knife

Store owner threw him out, but didn't report threat

(Newser) - Another tragic twist in the Tenerife beheading story : Before the attack, Deyan Valentinov Deyanov asked a store owner for a large knife because, he said, "I'm going to kill someone." But the shopkeeper didn't report the threat to police. Deyanov was caught on the store's... More »

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