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No Headline Can Capture Britain's Day From Hell

The prime minister suggests she might resign without a June 30 Brexit deal

(Newser) - Welcome to Britain's hell day. Facing a no-deal Brexit in only nine days, Prime Minister Theresa May called Wednesday for a delay as some lawmakers sought her resignation and others engaged in a feverish blame-fest, the Guardian reports. "Of this I am absolutely sure: you the public have... More »

Theresa May Makes Clear Brexit Request to Wary EU

Prime minister asks EU to delay March 29 deadline until June 30

(Newser) - Theresa May formally asked the European Union on Wednesday to postpone Britain's departure from the bloc—due in nine days—until June 30. But a frustrated EU has warned it could keep Britain waiting for an answer. In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, May said the... More »

UK Votes to Ask EU to Delay Brexit

A look at what could be next

(Newser) - Brexit just got a bit further away—maybe. After weeks of political gridlock, Britain's Parliament voted Thursday to seek a delay of the country's departure from the European Union, a move that will likely avert a chaotic withdrawal on the scheduled exit date of March 29. With Brexit... More »

British Lawmakers Vote No on 'No-Deal' Brexit

Which lessens but does not eliminate the chance of a chaotic no-deal Brexit

(Newser) - Britain's Parliament has voted to reject having the country leave the European Union without a divorce agreement, a decision that lessens but does not remove the chance of a chaotic "no-deal" Brexit. The vote Wednesday night also increases the chances that Britain's exit from the bloc will... More »

UK Parliament Rejects Brexit Deal, Again

Theresa May dealt significant blow

(Newser) - Britain's Parliament has dealt a major blow to Prime Minister Theresa May, resoundingly rejecting her Brexit deal just 17 days before the UK is due to leave the bloc, the AP reports. Lawmakers voted by 391 to 242 against the deal, the second time they have defeated it. The... More »

EU on Theresa May's Plea for Brexit Concessions: Er, No.

The deal is the deal, and EU negotiators are doubling down

(Newser) - Top European Union Brexit officials insisted Wednesday that the EU's divorce agreement with Britain cannot be renegotiated as Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to seek fresh concessions just weeks before her country is set to leave. "The EU institutions remain united, and we stand by the agreement that... More »

May Needs EU Reversal on Brexit. It's Not Budging

British PM to discuss tweaking backstop with EU leaders

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday sought to salvage a Brexit deal but headed toward a clash with the European Union by promising to overhaul the divorce deal she spent a year and a half negotiating with the bloc. Trying to break the Brexit deadlock, May urged lawmakers to... More »

Brexit Plan B Unveiled; Groundhog Day Comparison Made

Theresa May's second plan is pretty similar to first plan

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled her Brexit Plan B on Monday—and it looks a lot like Plan A, the AP reports. May launched a mission to resuscitate her rejected European Union divorce deal, setting out plans to get it approved by Parliament after securing changes from the EU... More »

Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote

British PM will remain in power after crushing Brexit deal defeat

(Newser) - After British lawmakers on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Theresa May's Brexit deal , the British prime minister herself survived a no-confidence vote Wednesday, the AP reports. The vote was called after Parliament voted down the deal May forged with the EU by a margin of 432-202. But the House of Commons... More »

'Nightmare' for Theresa May After Brexit Deal Rejected

She faces crucial vote after historic defeat

(Newser) - In chess, to be "in zugzwang" is to be in a position where every possible move will worsen the situation—and some analysts see it as a fitting analogy for the position Theresa May and her government are in after Tuesday's historic Brexit defeat . After delaying a vote... More »

Vote Against Brexit Deal Sends Process Into 'Chaos'

No-confidence vote now planned for Wednesday

(Newser) - British lawmakers on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's divorce deal with the European Union, plunging the Brexit process into chaos, the AP reports. The 432-202 vote in the House of Commons was widely expected but still devastating for May, whose fragile leadership is now under siege. Lawmakers... More »

Theresa May Wins Confidence Vote

Final tally was 200 to 117

(Newser) - When Prime Minister Theresa May entered a room in the House of Commons to speak to Conservative lawmakers ahead of a no-confidence vote Wednesday, she was greeted by table banging—a customary sign of approval, reports the AP . It ended up being a prescient gesture: The BBC reports she needed... More »

The Hits Just Keep Coming for Theresa May

UK PM to face no-confidence vote on Wednesday, vows to fight it 'with everything I've got'

(Newser) - British politics has been thrown into further chaos and Brexit into doubt Wednesday as Conservative lawmakers triggered a no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Theresa May that will see her removed as party and government leader if she loses. May vowed to fight the challenge "with everything I've got,... More »

Theresa May Just Cannot Catch a Break

She struggles to get out of locked car as Angela Merkel looks on

(Newser) - It seems like a metaphor from the universe: As Theresa May arrived in Berlin for talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel aimed at saving Brexit, she found herself locked in her car for what Politico describes as a "few agonizing seconds"—though it was more than a few.... More »

As May Postpones Brexit Vote, UK Gov't in 'Complete Disarray'

Prime minister had faced massive defeat in Parliament

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Theresa May has postponed Parliament's vote on her European Union divorce deal to avoid a shattering defeat—a decision that throws her Brexit plans into chaos. All signs had pointed to a big defeat for the prime minister in the vote planned for Tuesday . But postponing... More »

Brexit Chaos: Confusion Over Vote, Plus a Big Court Ruling

Theresa May might postpone parliament's vote

(Newser) - It's crunch time for Brexit, and investors are on high alert. British lawmakers were—maybe—set to vote Tuesday on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal with the European Union, reports the AP . All indications are that she would suffer a major defeat, opening up a dizzying array... More »

In 'Bittersweet Landmark,' EU Approves Brexit Deal

But there's hard work ahead for Theresa May

(Newser) - In a bittersweet landmark, European Union leaders on Sunday approved an agreement on Britain's departure next year—the first time a member country will have left the 28-nation bloc. It took leaders a matter of minutes at a summit in Brussels to endorse a withdrawal agreement that settles Britain'... More »

Theresa May's Government Is Now in Turmoil

Lawmakers are resigning over her Brexit plan, and she might face a leadership challenge

(Newser) - What a mess. Reaction in Britain has been so bad to Theresa May's newly unveiled Brexit plan that she's now busy trying to fend off a revolt within her own Conservative Party to remain prime minister. The highlights:
  • Resignations: Six government ministers quit Thursday, the big one being
... More »

'Suicide Vest' Comment 'Is the Political End of Boris Johnson'

Ex-FM widely rebuked for saying Theresa May was putting UK in 'suicide vest' with EU

(Newser) - No stranger to over-the-top rhetoric , Boris Johnson appears to have outdone himself in his latest attack on British Prime Minister Theresa May, saying that her Chequers deal with the European Union wraps "a suicide vest around the British constitution," and is "a humiliation" that leaves the UK... More »

UK PM Says No to 2nd Brexit Vote

May says it would be 'gross betrayal of democracy'

(Newser) - British PM Theresa May is coming down hard against calls for a second Brexit referendum, even as ex-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson slams her stance—setting up speculation that the two are on a collision course, reports the BBC . May wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that it would be a "... More »

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